Best YouTube Setup | Best & Budget Options (2021)

Best YouTube Setup | Best & Budget Options (2021)

Best YouTube Setup | Best & Budget Options (2021)

Youtuber’s community is growing pretty fast in 2021. In order to create top-quality video content on YouTube, you need a good amount of advanced gear and accessories.

So in this post, we’ll build the best YouTube setup with some very helpful products that you should have in your YouTube studio. All these gears are affordable but will take your content to the next level.

The goal of this article is to address all the huddles that a YouTuber faces creating content. We’ve focused on every aspect to help you create better videos. If you’re a beginner and confused about what you should get or not, you’re at the right place.

Every YouTuber works in different niches, but these products will be beneficial in every niche you’re working in. We’ll discuss, out of thousands of brands, which one is the best for you. Which camera should you buy + Stands, tripods, mics and so much more? So this is the ultimate guide to build a perfect YouTube setup on a budget.

We’ll review all these products with their specifications and features so you can get a better idea of the products and ultimately make a good decision. Now first we’ll see what you need to make good video content for YouTube.

What you need to create a better video

Obviously, to create an attractive and eye-catching video, you should consider some other factors. Like if your video is well shot, but the audio quality is terrible, that video won’t pop up. You’ll have to focus on all the aspects that present the video nicely.

So first of all, you need a sturdy and budget-friendly camera to shoot a video. As we’re specifically talking about YouTube content, so there are a lot of beginners who can’t afford a camera. So, we’ll talk about how you can get the best out of your budget.

The next thing required is a microphone for crisp and nice audio in your video. There are tons of microphone brands but we’ll suggest you the masterpiece on a budget. Apart from these basic things, we’ll also list down some tripods and LED lights. Let’s dive into our first product that you need in the best YouTube setup.

How to shoot a good quality video

Shooting as a video is a very crucial step because most of the newbies just shoot on their regular smartphone camera with average quality. But this is not the right way to do it. You’ll have to shoot in HD Quality because it looks professional & attractive.

Now a question arises, how should I shoot my video. The answer is you’re not going to use a regular camera on your phone because it doesn’t allow you to set your custom setting for a video. Just go ahead and download the Open Camera application for Play Store or App Store for free.

This camera app will allow you to set a custom resolution, fps, exposure and so much more that you can adjust according to the environment you’re shooting in. So, if you’re starting or a beginner you literally don’t need any camera you can just go with your phone and it is enough to get high-quality video from your smartphone.

How to record high quality audio

Audio is a really important element in a video. Honestly, using an inbuilt microphone in the device is the worst thing that you can do. You’ll need a separate external microphone to get better audio. Whether it’s not a high-end microphone but it is better than your inbuilt mic. So just don’t use internal mics.

Now, this is a problem that everyone faces, which microphone is best? There are a lot of popular microphones in the market but we’ve selected the one which is budget-friendly and delivers the top quality audio.

Rode VideoMicro | Best Budget Option

This is an affordable but top-class microphone manufactured by Rode which is a well-known microphones brand. Rode VideoMicro is a very well-constructed and sturdy microphone that comes with a 3.5mm jack on both sides.

It has been the most successful and high-selling product in the market over the past few years, just because of its sturdiness and top-notch audio quality on a reliable budget. To reduce noise and plosives from the audio, you’ll get a pop filter along with the mic.

The reason why I recommend this microphone is, it comes with the exceptional build quality. And because this is a shotgun mic, which has the ability to pick the audio from a distance. You don’t need to keep the mic in the frame every time.

It’s pretty small in size if you remove the pop filter, and then you can carry it out easily. VideoMicro is designed for Smartphones & DSLRs. It contains a shock mount that will allow you to fix it at the top of your phone or camera.

One thing I want to mention here is you’ll need a smartphone holder to mount this microphone on your smartphone, but if you’re going to be using this with your DSLR then it will work perfectly fine with its pre-installed mount.

One of the big selling points of this mic is, it does not require a battery, which is really helpful for the user. You just have to connect it with your device and you’re done.

As we’re talking about the best YouTube setup, so I will also suggest you some other accessories that can help you improve your experience.

This was our take on this microphone but if you want to learn more about this microphone, you can check out the ultimate Rode VideoMicro Review.

How you can add value to your studio

Here, we’re done with our video and audio. But I would highly recommend you to keep a lavalier microphone in your YouTube studio as well because it will ease you in quick recordings situations when you can’t use a shotgun mic.

Lavalier or Lapel microphones are really simple to use and compatible with all devices you can use. Suppose you’re traveling and you want to record some interviews/talks etc., you can just plug it into your device and you’re ready to go.

So, if you have a good budget then you can pick the best lavalier mic up and it will surely add value to your YouTube studio. Now let’s talk about some other products which are necessary with all these products we’ve mentioned.

You can also pick an affordable and reliable tripod if you vlog on youtube. Obviously, everyone creates content in his own way, but a tripod is really important and can be beneficial when you want to set your camera on a stand and record from a distance.

Now let’s recap our picks to help you better understand, what we’ve considered and why. All these things are literally necessary to create valuable and quality content. +All of these products are affordable with stunning quality.

  • Video (You can use your smartphone to shoot a video)
  • Audio (Rode VideoMicro is a perfect choice for quality audio recording)
  • Lavalier Microphone (Best secondary option for youtube videos)
  • Tripod (Ideal for YouTubers)
  • Smartphone holder (To attach the microphone with your phone)

Conclusion – The Best YouTube Setup

These are the products that you need to create awesome content on youtube. All these products are professional and affordable that will take your video to the next level. Most people say that you need anything to get started, just record with your phone and you’re done. But this is not right.

You won’t get people’s attention if you don’t work hard and add value to your content. And all these things will provoke you to work hard on the video and generate top-quality content. So if you’ve any questions, feel free to leave a comment.