Best Ways to Store Photos in Cloud Storage in 2023

Store Photos in Cloud Storage

Store Photos in Cloud Storage

Capturing moments and sharing them with people we love has become a new norm these days. Whether it’s a family gathering or a New Year party with friends, we want to preserve every moment we live and even share it with others and brag about it. 

However, with technology advancing and file sizes increasing significantly for HD photos, it’s not practically possible to keep all those amazing moments stored in your primary storage. Whether it’s on your smartphone or PC, primary storage is always limited, and you’ll need more of it as you keep piling photos. That’s why online cloud storage has become the best way to store photos. 

When it comes to the best photo storage online, it is supposed to offer not only ample space to keep everything you capture but also give you many useful features to make your experience worthwhile, including smart backups, intelligent organization, and photo sharing. In this article, we will explore every possible way to make the most of online photo storage.

Backup Photos Smartly

While cloud storage offers you the best way to store digital photos, it is important that you thoroughly back up photos and keep multiple copies of backups if possible. Regular backups mean none of your photos will be lost accidentally in case of a device failure, security glitch, or a human error like accidental deletion. 

Act smart and take scheduled or automatic photo backups to keep your precious memories safe. Services like TeraBox allow you to set up automatic backups so that any new photos are backed up online automatically, and you have the most recent backups available anytime. What makes TeraBox, the best online photo storage, even better is the free 1TB storage space you get when you signup. It’s certainly more than enough for most users.

Organize Photos Intelligently

The importance of organizing photos in the cloud cannot be overstated. It maximizes available storage by avoiding unnecessary duplicates and keeps your photos easily accessible. When your photos are organized into various albums based on certain categories and events, you can easily find specific photos whenever needed. 

TeraBox offers an intuitive intelligent classification feature that automatically sorts all your photos into categories like people, places, and things. It saves you considerable time and effort as you don’t need to sort your photos manually anymore. 

Another cool feature that makes TeraBox the best way to store photos online is its built-in photo editor. Yes, that’s something that puts TeraBox a step ahead of the competition by allowing basic photo editing online in the cloud. You can do all the basic stuff with TeraBox’s photo editor, like cropping photos, adding filters, and adjusting brightness and contrast. 

Such handy features will keep your photo collection organized and easily accessible. Besides, you can always enhance your photos online without getting into the hassle of downloading them just for some minor edits. 

Share Photos Effortlessly

The best cloud storage services also make it easier to share photos with families and friends. Besides making your photos easily accessible across all your devices from anywhere, some cloud storage services allow you to effortlessly share photos with others through shareable links.

TeraBox allows easy link sharing, and anyone with the link and permission to view or download your photos can access them. You can also set up a password and expiration time on these shareable links for added security. It helps ensure that only the intended person can access your photos, adding an extra layer of security. Here’s how you can create links to share photos with TeraBox: 

Step 1: Log in to your TeraBox account.

Step 2: Tap Share on the lower right, and tap “Select files to share”.

Step 3: Select the photos or folders you want to share. Tap “Share”.

Step 4: Set the validity period for your shareable links by choosing 7 days, 30 days, or the permanent option.

Step 5: Check the “Set private link” box if you want to enable password protection. The password can be either generated by the system or customized by yourself.

Step 6: Select if you want to share a link anonymously or through your email.

Step 7: Tap the icon on the upper right to view your sharing history and manage shareable links. Here, you can copy the links of ongoing sharing and cancel any sharing immediately.

Final Thoughts

While you may keep most of your photos on your laptop or mobile device, it’s not the best option to store photos. The best way to store digital photos is to use a reliable cloud storage service. TeraBox is the best cloud service provider that allows you to backup photos securely and offers a huge free storage space online. Furthermore, it offers useful features like photo organization with smart classification to make sure you never have to get lost in your photo albums to find a particular photo you need. The best part is you can download TeraBox free and sign up to claim your 1TB free storage space. Give it a try now!