8 Benefits of AutoWake Technology You Should Know About

Benefits of AutoWake Technology

Benefits of AutoWake Technology

When people first learn about AutoWake, they cannot believe it is possible to have control over the uncontrollable. AutoWake is a revolutionary technology that allows boat drivers to achieve their desired size and shape of waves and wakes with a push of a button. It is a mind-blowing feature that can help you manage weight effectively in the boat and adjust the ballast level automatically for the perfect hull positioning.

For people who are just getting into wakeboarding or wake surfing, AutoWake technology, such as Supra AutoWake technology, offers the chance to create amazing waves without much effort. You can throw great wakes with a good starting point and may only need a little practice to become perfect at it. In this article, you will learn the benefits of AutoWake technology and why it is a must for boating enthusiasts.

Top Advantages of AutoWake Technology You Must Know About

1. Consistent, Easy to Replicate, and Persistent Waves

With AutoWake, you don’t have to guess to create waves and wakes that you can enjoy. The hull-management technology is patented and manipulates the position of the hull to create a precise wake or wave always. It is an impressive feat of engineering that allows the driver and passengers to enjoy the ride without any disruption.

2. Easy Size Management

AutoWake allows you to manage the size of the wave or wake easily. No matter what your riding or surfing style may be, you can effortlessly create the perfect wave according to your skill level. It is a fantastic feature that can make watersports much more fun for novices and even experts.

3. Powerful Feature That Works in Real-Time

When you are riding your boat in the water, there are a number of variables that can impact the position of the hull. AutoWake is a powerful feature that measures and manages the ballast on its own with a simple push of a button in real-time.

4. Create Smarter Surfs

No matter if you are a beginner surfer or an expert, you can create waves smartly according to your desires. AutoWake also comes with features like the Swell system, which can allow you to build taller waves with long pockets and a perfectly consistent push on both sides.

5. Incredible Predictive State

The predictive feature of AutoWake Predictive State lets your boat fill ballast to reach the required roll, water displacement, and pitch even before you leave the dock. It is a truly innovative feature that saves your preferences and manages the weight of the boat accordingly.

6. Fantastic Rider Profiles Save Your Preference

Do you hate adjusting the boat manually every time the riders switch out? With AutoWake, drivers don’t have to worry about adjusting the boat repeatedly. You can save your preferred settings with AutoWake and choose them the next time you ride.

7. Great AutoWake Leveling

Whether you are cruising or heading back to the dock, you can use the auto-leveling feature of the AutoWake to adjust the Swell Surf Plate of your boat as per your need.

8. Advanced Sensors and Algorithms for Optimal Hull Positioning

The wake surf system of the AutoWake technology uses four advanced patented sensors to ensure the optimal pitch, draft, and roll. The ballast adjusts according to the boat’s movement and is aided by smart algorithms and sensor information.

Wrapping Up!

AutoWake monitors factors like rider profiles, AutoWake leveling, and predictive state. It is a fantastic feature that has a number of benefits and can make your experience much more enjoyable. Boating is fun; make it more fun with AutoWake technology.