Analytical multipurpose resource

Analytical multipurpose resource

Analytical multipurpose resource

Experts engaged in analytics in the field of commercial activities in the Internet space are confident that correct and competent data processing can lead to high-quality decision-making, and therefore significantly increase business efficiency.

But after all, specialists have to deal with a huge amount of all kinds of data that need to be processed. Is it possible to systematize such a volume of information?

“Possible”, – the developers of network products answer us, – “You just need to use OWOX BI“. We are sure that those who are directly involved in data processing will be interested in some of the options for this useful service.

The first option is the accumulation and transfer of expenses evidences to Google Analytics

Any advertising campaigns carried out by a business require a significant investment of capital. Of course, all these costs must not only be monitored, but also compared in terms of their greatest efficiency.

The analysis and processing of such information is carried out by Google Analytics. This resource has undoubted advantages, but it creates difficulties in obtaining information from a wide variety of advertising subjects.

The OWOX BI service will successfully combine the primary expenses evidences from sources such as Yandex Market, VKontakte, Ringostat, Competera, etc. and sends them to Google Analytics for performance comparison.

The second option is the accumulation evidences to Big Query

In parallel with the Google Analytics service, marketers very often use another network resource – BigQuery. This service allows you to store and process large amounts of different information.

Analysts who previously collected and processed information in manual mode and formed the output of their analysis in the form of Excel documents rightfully appreciated Big Query.

And, of course, OWOX BI is an irreplaceable assistant and partner of Big Query. It is OWOX BI that provides the ability to process parallel flows of information, covering its significant arrays.

The third option is the increasing the speed and quality of evidences processing

Imagine a situation in which the analytical information needed to make decisions is not yet ready or not objective. The managers of the Company are impatiently awaiting the report, time is running out, decisions are not taken and, naturally, the business suffers losses.

In order to avoid such a situation, the Company should configure the OWOX BI Smart Data service.

One of the main advantages of this service is the focusing of the processed information exclusively on the unique model of your business. At the same time, Google Big Query successfully copes with the role of a source and storage of information for Smart Data.


In conclusion, it should be noted that there are a sufficient number of sites on the Internet that offer detailed guidance on setting up OWOX BI and how to work with various options of this service.

World statistics show that today OWOX BI is popular with more than 30 thousand users in the field of marketing analysis.

So why is OWOX BI so attractive?

  1. All information is completely under your control.
  2. OWOX BI is compatible with other Google products, which means that it does not require additional training costs for employees
  3. Data processing carried out by OWOX BI meets the requirements of international standards, in particular ISO 27001.
  4. Setting up the OWOX BI service is economically beneficial for the Company.

On various forums, OWOX BI users rate this service exclusively from a positive side. They point out that working with OWOX and with implementation of the Google Analytics and Big Query products they are totally satisfied for the result, they received a non-standard report in line with business needs.