5 Ways to Make Your Brand Exhibit Stand Out

An important part of promotional activities by any company is brand recall, which is the memory of a particular brand in the minds of its target audience. Design and relevance of content play major roles in recollection, but a company has to make use of several items such as exhibition stands, pop up banners, tensioned stands, and outdoor banners for this purpose. To ensure that the variety of display items is shown properly, one needs to purchase standard display items.

There may be a number of companies that provide these agents of display, but you must take your time looking at different companies; do not jump at the first one that appears to be the most attractive. A look at the available variety will help you better understand whether the company in front is cut out to meet your professional needs or not. Body of work plays an important role in making this decision.

Audiences have short attention spans

Most of your target audiences have very short attention spans these days, which have been further accelerated by the growth of social media. Always remember that you have a maximum of 6 seconds to create an impression in the minds of your customer, for which you will need to select a display exhibition stands supplier  who can provide the necessary tools for promotion. Unless messages are suitably expressed on exhibition stands or banners, customers and investors will be turned away due to lack of brand recall.  

In order to make a company brand strong, various branding activities such as press conferences and launches have to be carried out in front of the media. This would require a variety of visually appealing branding exhibits to express enticing messages and display the company’s logo. Banners and stands would need to somehow bring out the brand’s USP. If a frame is already present, a suitably designed banner can be attached to it. Both these jobs are done by a reputed printing supplier.

Use of graphics

Catchy graphics play an important role in gaining the attention of a target audience. These days, companies need to speak in the same language as their audience, and brands tend to tailor their communication around the same concept. You will graphics at the front and back of banner displays. The best part here is that event participants can see the banner from both sides. Its effect can be further accentuated by the addition of LED lights, which will illuminate the stand well. At the end of the event, transport the banner display easily in a soft canvas bag. 

While choosing a printing company, ensure that all its displays can be folded and carried easily. This expectation needs to be set before finalizing the deal. Every display item, even large ones such as gantry displays, must be easy to assemble. The fabric it is made from needs to be prepared from lightweight material, and it must come with a warranty.  

Tension fabric stands

Make use of a well designed fabric banner to showcase your brand logo. This needs to be complemented by a catchy message to tell audiences what your brand is up to. The fabric banner you choose must make it easy to display the company logo and let the brand’s message be visible. Such fabric stands are seen in use during prestigious exams such as IELTS. The IELTS staff is able to carry their banners and stands in a portable fashion to different exam centers.

An exemplary trade show company understands the importance of creating a visually stunning display that effectively communicates their brand message. Tension fabric stands offer versatility, allowing brands to create unique shapes and configurations that capture attention from every angle.

Ways to make your exhibit unique

  1. Get ideas from other trade shows- Visit other trade shows which may take place close to your event or seen them on the Internet. You can make a strong statement from getting an idea of the different counters, fabric displays, banner stands and exhibition stands used by various companies. It will help you train your eye for detail.
  2. Make use of new technologies- LED screens were once thought to be expensive, but are now easily available for all kinds of exhibitors. These act as digital billboards to bring company brand stories to life.
  3. Use unique floors, walls, and surfaces- Companies can experiment with decorative items like mirrored surfaces to make their exhibits exciting for their visitors. Traditional carpeted floors can give way to flooring materials such as vinyl. Many companies are also making use of living walls these days.
  4. Memorable experiences- A memorable experience can be created by telling a story within your allotted space, and engaging the visitors who arrive at your doorstep. Sometimes it is a good idea to create energetic experiences instead of sticking to the brand’s guidelines. For this purpose, your company has to brief the printing company accordingly.
  5. Lighweight materials- Cardboard, fabric, wood and paper are being used more in comparison to heavy pillars and solid walls. These help to create a fresh and trendy look for any brand, allowing exhibitors to ask themselves if their exhibits are worth the audience’s attention or not.