4 Ways to Build Credibility for your Online Business

Doing business in the online world isn’t as same as it is in the real world. We have come a long way to be doing business successfully on the internet. There was a time when making money online was seen as a joke; a Ponzi scheme.

Internet scams have duped a lot of people. There are still people who keep getting burned due to these internet scams.

That is why it’s all the more important to build your online business in a way that it appears dignified and credible. People shouldn’t feel skeptical about doing business with you online.

But that’s sadly the case and rightly so because of some miscreants who are still causing trouble across the world wide web.

But you don’t have to worry about that if you’re getting into the online business space, this post isn’t to scare you; rather this post is to help you create avenues to build credibility for your online business. So keep reading if you want to ensure your online business with trust and credibility.

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1. Get a Business License

It still pains me to know that people doing business online with an official website where even financial transactions take place don’t even have an online business license.

To build online business credibility that is the first that’s ought to be on your to-do list. Get the business license and showcase the license and number on your website. Getting a business license also qualifies you to create company listings on sites like Owler & Crunchbase that all the more adds credibility to your business.

When you seek out potential investors or customers backed by a business license it lets you come off as credible and helps meet ends.

If that’s not enough then know this that a business license qualifies you to collect tax from customers and purchase goods directly from manufacturer & wholesaler without even paying sales tax.

2. Create thought-leadership with Content

It does not go without saying that content is king, and holds true here.

Content can be of any form for an online business that wants to build online credibility. It can be a blog post where you are talking about the importance of the product or service that you sell; you can explain how your product fills a crucial gap.

When people will read that content it will make an impact, that you know what you’re doing. You’re not just somebody who chose this business stream because it has a high-profit margin but rather you know the intricate details of this business. 

Customers prefer jumping in the boat with such businesses who have a holistic knowledge of their industry. 

I mean why would people hire Gary Vaynerchuk for their Social Media Branding? It’s because he knows what he is doing. Why would I say that? Because I too like everyone else has consumed his valuable content that speaks to its core.

More than blogs there’s social media content, emailers, and more.

3. Respond to the feedback

How do you humanize your brand on the internet? I mean humanizing the brand is the go-to way to build credibility isn’t it so?

A mistake I see the business on the internet often makes is that they don’t respond to their customers and or prospective customers.

Your customers want to be heard! Period.

I often see the business on their Google My Business Listing has received tons of questions and positive testimonials but they never quite respond to any, which makes me wonder why?

It is your responsibility to respond to your customers. If you can’t manage time to do it yourself then hire an ORM (online reputation management) agency who will do this on your behalf. A trustworthy business is the one whose voices are shared on the internet. Who is observed talking to their customers without making it look as if they are doing a favor?

Learn from Jeff Bezos, who recently took to Instagram responding to an angry customer who mailed him that he would no longer buy from Amazon because Jeff extended his support to #BlackLivesMatter Jeff proclaimed that he would love to lose a customer like that. Real-time marketing is the deal here.

4. Testimonials are a great piece of content

A business in the online sphere receives testimonials that can be shared with the world. A business typically receives testimonials on places like Google My Business Listing, Yelp Listing, Facebook Business Page, website.

Snippets of reviews can be captured from there and shared on social media to showcase the genuine reviews that the business has received from satisfied customers. It goes a long way to attract new customers to the business.

You can step the extra mile and request customers to provide video testimonials; a video testimonial would provide more social proof than a text testimonial would ever do.

So there it is, 4 solid ways to build credibility for your online business.

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