3 Tips to Make the Best Inverter Battery for Home Last Longer

In our country, the majority of the places face tremendous amounts of power losses throughout the year. These happen due to natural storms, constructions, lack of management and equipment, and technical faults. As a result, many places face power cuts for a long duration. In summer, it can be tough to withstand the heat without any form of electricity. Also, without any electricity at night, the usual day-to-day activities can get restricted. Thus, it is essential nowadays to have an inverter to deal with such power cut scenarios.

Since people want to invest for better comfort, it is best to go with the best inverter battery for home. With a good inverter battery, which can last long and provide uninterrupted performance for a long duration, power cuts will no longer be a problem.

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How To Make Inverter Batteries Last Longer?

With people buying the best inverter battery for home, they are sure to get power-packed performance. However, with proper care and by following a few procedures, the lifespan of these batteries can be increased by a lot.

Below are a few tips to make the best inverter battery for home last longer than usual.

  1. Keep The Batteries in a Cool and Safe Place

The inverter battery is designed in such a manner so that it can provide backup irrespective of external situations. However, it has been seen that the best inverter battery for a hometends to last longer when kept in a cool place. Therefore, avoiding hot places, direct sunlight, and not installing the inverter near any heat source is the key to extending the inverter battery’s lifespan. Also, the batteries should be installed in a safe place, away from external pressure, where the chances of deformation are less. This will help to keep the batteries last longer.

  1. Do Proper Maintenance

Usually, the best inverter battery for a home requires very little to no maintenance. As a result, the users need not do anything extra to maintain the batteries. However, a tiny amount of required maintenance should be done correctly. It should be done periodically for tubular and flat plate batteries, which have distilled water topping as the only maintenance. Usually, checking once and replenishing the water level in 45 days to 60 days is enough to maintain these batteries. With water getting replenished timely, the batteries will easily last longer and remain functional. As for the gel-based batteries that do not need any maintenance, simply cleaning the inverter surface and keeping it clean is enough. This will keep the surface free from rust and dust.

  1. Do Not Put Unnecessary Load

Having a good capacity inverter battery for a home that can take heavy-duty loads is a blessing. However, that does not mean users should put as much pressure on the battery as possible. Just because the inverter battery can handle heavy-duty applications does not mean that it should be tested often. Putting too much load on the battery frequently reduces its life cycle. Instead, try to cut off unnecessary loads. This will keep the battery healthy and help it to last longer.

Thus, we can see that even the best inverter battery for the home can be made to last longer with proper steps. Usually, the best inverter batteries last for a period of 5 to 8 years. However, depending upon how it is used, the life cycle can be extended significantly. Since the battery is the main part of the inverter, the battery life should be kept as healthy as possible. By installing the battery in a safe, calm, and well-ventilated space, its chances of external damage are reduced. By following the proper maintenance protocols, the batteries can be kept functionally efficient. Also, keeping too much load away from the batteries keeps it healthy as well. All of these steps, if followed correctly, can help in extending the lifespan of the inverter batteries significantly.