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These days, almost each and everybody has his or her own blog. The matter of fact is, not every blog created or designed is equal. If we look in the past, it was a norm that merely individual guys used to maintain their blogs. You could easily find personal blogs related to fashion, food blogs, car blogs, and the list goes on and on.

So now, brands have really caught the idea of creating and maintaining the blogs and they do blogging, especially store brands related to clothing (clothing manufacturers in the US). They have thorough knowledge about their customers do not really restrict themselves to just shop only, they also desire to breathe and live each and every aspect of shopping and fashion. Blogs can really aid brands to guide the existing and potential customers for better shopping and make themselves sure that they remain up to date on the current and latest fashion and seasonal trends (apparel manufacturers in the USA).

In this world where latest and quality content is spread and scattered everywhere in huge amount, the brands provide us quality and free guidance and resources to read or just go through every week. They are for example magazines which you really do not have to purchase and have quick access to. Who could really ask for furthermore? Below is the list of top and best store for clothing blogs which are readily and right now available online:


Always and every time contorting with every passing minute, Urban Outfitters is widely considered and accepted as a brand on the crest of the wave as far as the sea of fashion is concerned. Urban Outfitters provides customers the low-down over different kinds of products, which type of gifts to purchase for that very someone special, and a much more in the field of lifestyle along with their regular and continuously updated blog.

Having their very own blog provides Urban Outfitters a chance to share and describe how to utilize their products and give a deep dive into the personal lives of various designers (apparel manufacturers in USA) and artists.

If you are registered and signed up as a reward member of Urban Outfitters; by browsing their blog can provide you an opportunity to earn you certain      points (when you really are logged through your own account) and you will finish up with some free US Dollars 5 value of promo code. This content is a fine source for digging more tricks and techniques of getting knowledge of promo codes of Urban Outfitters (UO).

UO has to been engaged in the world of music for so many years, featuring various bands on their merchandise (t-shirts) sponsored shows and also on their playlists. Every week’s Monday, UO presents a playlist of new hot music to be played for the next whole week.

These are generally underground bands which carry the thin amount of following for themselves, so it provides these musicians a great chance to gain new fan following and it also gives listeners an opportunity to find out or discover new music through new bands.


This new blog is about how to put on all Superdry clothing. This blog is presented like a clothing catalog, but with aids and tips about how to give a different style of pieces together. The presentation and layout are cognizant to Urban Outfitter’s, but with a feel of gritty Superdry. Superdry also has a feature of new and upcoming artists related to music, giving advice on different ways to steal the audience through their look.

Not only Superdry’s blog will share with their audience about what items they need to buy, so they can directly copy the style of the artist’s look, they also offer information about how to get their particular distressed look: Quite useful information for their readers who want the details.


Who would have thought that Tommy Hilfiger would make comeback with all guns blazing? Tommy Hilfiger is popular among the people of every age group and one can stay in their loop with their entire latest collections of jeans, sweaters and much more (clothing manufacturers in the USA) in their famous and signature white, blue, and red. Their blog which is known as “Tommy Blog” features articles on fashion, wellness tips, and different interviews. Read up the Tommy blog for crispy and interesting articles which are mostly accompanied by dreamy and cozy photos. Tommy Hilfiger really has proven their stop as one of the true classics.


Modestly named as “Unzipped”, Levi’s maintains a blog which is not solely based on fashion. Levi’s has generally been engaged in the field of climate change, rights for the people who community called as LGTBQ, and other different topics and issues for some years.

Since 1873, this brand Levi’s has always been a crucial retailer for high quality and sturdy denim. Since then, Levi’s has certainly evolved as a crucial participant in issues related to politics, on a global stage. It does not mean that fashion related articles are non-existent. Recently, they published a story related to women who are oldest to wear Levi’s jeans and dating with each other since the 1930s. Amazing!


Madewell has a long list of interviews, articles, and suggestions on how you should spend your weekend; via their blog. They name it “Madewell Musings”. This blog is women-centered as Madewell is a clothing store which is women’s only. Made is famous for their ‘elegantly cool’ appearance, so any suggestion or advice on tips over an outfit is time well spent for reading.


Let’s get fancy, a little. There is nothing as chic as a splendidly positive cloth from J. Crew. Fortunately, we all can learn to look as chic as the catalog of J. Crew depicts if we continue to read their blog. J. Crew offers some timeless suggestions, for example folding looks like a pocket square (something men should definitely know, no?).


Another fancy looking brand which surely is MyTheresa. They sell mostly designer items and accommodate all the higher-end customers. Under a distinct name other than blog, MyTheresa offers stories related to fashion that feature celebrities, designers and other topics.

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