Google CTR Bot comparison: SearchSEO vs Serpclix

I recently came across a study that shows that the click-through rate (CTR), can have an impact on a site’s SEO. (a study of Rand Fishkin about CTR bots).

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Curious to learn more, I finally decided to find a way to increase my CTR.

I tried several natural methods but nothing worked.

So I tried to find an artificial way to artificially increase my CTR.

While searching I finally found several tools, traffic bot, google search and,  CTR bot.

What is traffic bot?

A traffic bot is a software that allows us to generate traffic on a website.

This kind of bot gives the possibility to choose the location, the time of the session, and the bounce rate.

These traffic generators use proxies to simulate visits to a particular country.

The generated visits are recorded in Google analytics.

The problem with this kind of bot is that very often the visits are not organic, in other words, the traffic bot does not search for your keywords in search engines like a user would do when searching on Google.

These traffic bots, therefore, have no influence on the click-through-rate.

So I found another alternative: Google CTR bot.

What is a Google CTR bot?

In the same way as a traffic bot, a Google CTR bot generates automated traffic.

The big difference is that this time the traffic comes from Google’s search results, the SERPs.

The Google CTR bot searches for keywords in Google then finds and visits your site.

The results are there, the CTR is now increasing!

CTR bot SearchSEO ✅ is the benchmark for Google CTR bots

I have tested two CTR bots that generate clicks from the SERPs:

SearchSEO & Serpclix.



SearchSEO the best Google search bot to increase the CTR and SEO :

✅ CTR bot SearchSEO ✅ is reliable software with a great user experience. You beneficiate of a 24/7 support.

✅ You get more clicks and impressions then what you pay for. All the clicks are recorded in the Google search console.



✅ The price of this solution is cheap.

Hight Quality service for an affordable price.

✅ +150 countries geo-targetting.

You can generate targeted organic visits from the location that you wish. This is amazing to boost your local SEO rankings.

✅ CTR bot SearchSEO ✅ is safe for Google. The bot acts with human behavior on your site.

✅ A huge range of custom settings.

✅ CTR bot SearchSEO ✅ works effectively for SEO rankings.

✅ You have the possibility to trigger some Google suggests.

✅ They offer a free trial to try there Google search bot:

Serpclix, an unfortunate experience :

❌ The process this site uses is unreliable. They use real people to click on your site. This sometimes has disastrous consequences when people make mistakes, click in the wrong place or don’t click at all.

❌Thee price of this solution is far too expensive!

It is important to keep in mind that this service is very expensive. One of the main reasons is that it uses real people to search for your website. $147 for only 500 clicks.



❌ More expensive than paid advertising. Keep in mind that these visitors will never buy on your site. Since you are the one paying for the clicks, some of the money you invest goes to pay these people. In the end, you pay a lot to get a few clicks, making the service look like a scam.

❌ No proxy = No locations.

The big problem is that you don’t choose the country of your visitors. Visitors can come from any country. Which is really disastrous for your SEO room.

❌ A big percentage of errors.

Unfortunately, human clickers often get to the wrong site and click in the wrong place, so you always lose clicks. When I bought their offer at $147 I got 390 clicks but not the 500 they promise.

The worst thing is when humans make a mistake and click on your competitors’ site. You end up paying for your competitors and you lose your money.

❌ Visiting time is never respected.

Visitors arrive on your site and leave it in 10 sec. This is disastrous for your SEO.

❌ A negative impact on the SEO of my website.

After a week of using Serpclix the  SEO of my site totally dropdown. I think that Google penalized me because the visits came from a lot of random countries and the visits lasted 5 to 10 sec.


You should beware of Serpclicks and use SearchSEO instead.

SearchSEO is secure for Google, delivers more options, quality customer service, excellent UX, for a very affordable price.