FunctionFox: Is This The Right Software for You?  



About FunctionFox 

FunctionFox is a wonderful software with five star reviews on average all over the internet. The software does everything related to managing your business and allows you to do it all online! This software takes your timesheets, project management tools and more online and simplifies them in the process too! The software really makes it easy to manage your employees, coworkers, subordinates; or basically anyone you might be incharge of! Having a go to solution for human resource management makes it easy to run an office and business in general.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who use FunctionFox software around the world.From users in America or Canada to Europe and even Asia; this software is well loved worldwide and with good reasons. FunctionFox aims to be a top tier software for all your project and resource management needs. So is the software what you are looking for? Keep reading our review to see whether the software has the features you have been in search of all along!

FunctionFox Features 

Easy Workflow

The workflow feature really makes everything a lot easier for you then you would have ever even imagined. This software allows you to have a very simple user interface which helps you to hit the ground running when it comes to the software. This helps you to get introduced to the software and understand how it works easily as well. All in all, the interface is very user friendly which is why you do not face any issues when it comes to using the software and hence can very easily get used to it and start benefiting from all the amazing features it has to offer you!

Reporting Features

The reporting feature in FunctionFox is another feature we feel the need to mention. This feature allows you to get automatic reports that the software generates for you to know empirically through formulas about your progress on the project and your employees. The reports on how your employees are doing in terms of work helps you to figure out whether or not everyone is being utilized and whether everyone on the team is pulling their weight. All in all; this really helps you to utilize all the resources at your disposal and brings the efficiency of you and your team to the maximum point.

Project Time Tracking

The time tracking feature is another one that helps you to reduce the responsibilities on your shoulders. This feature helps you to make things a lot simpler for yourself because you are able to automate the time tracking aspect of your job. This is because you can simply see how much time the software estimates will be needed to complete the project. This helps you to keep on schedule and even give your clients an accurate timeline for when they should expect a project to be finished. This helps make sure everything is above board and finished on time which is very important for any successful project!

Automated Reminders

The automated reminders feature is another one which makes this software what it is in terms of user experience. This feature sends you and your colleagues reminders for whenever a deadline for a task related to the project is approaching. With this FunctionFox feature, you are able to essentially be on top of all your work. This helps you to make things easy for everyone involved as you are able to ensure that work is being done on time as it should be. All in all, this is a wonderful feature for you to use!

Visual Project Mapping

The visual project mapping feature is another we want to tell you about. This feature allows you to map out the various aspects of your project in visual formats so that it is easy for everyone. Everyone being you, your team and even your client. Having a visual reference of what needs to be done to complete the project really allows you to make things simpler and helps everyone stay on the same page when it comes to the progress of the project. This feature in FunctionFox software is highly regarded in a lot of FunctionFox reviews online!

FunctionFox Pricing 

Now comes the all important aspect of pricing. Buying a software is only possible when it is within your budget. The cheapest FunctionFox tier is $5 per month per user which is quite cheap. The second tier is $10 a month per user and the final tier is $20 a month per user. The various tiers determine the number of features you will have access to as well. The tier you choose completely depends on your affordability and your needs from the software in terms of features you would want to access.

Is FunctionFox a Good Option?

Now comes the final yet all important aspect to consider; will FunctionFox software be a good fit for you? Well this depends entirely on your needs as a business. We suggest you write down all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare those features to the ones in FunctionFox. We also suggest that you read as many FunctionFox reviews as you can to figure out whether or not the software is worth your time.

And finally, we suggest you ask for a FunctionFox demo or a trial at the very least before you commit to the software. A trial or FunctionFox demo will give you a firsthand look at the software and help you decide whether or not this software will be beneficial to you!

We are sure you will make the correct conclusion in regards to FunctionFox and whether it is right for you!