Top Social Media Escrow Services in 2021

Social Media

Social Media

With a whopping 3.8 billion users across the world, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the best place for increasing brand awareness and building a sales funnel. Of course, having lots of followers on social media is one of the most important factors in social media marketing.

The sad truth is that attracting followers is not as easy as it used to be several years ago. The competition in social media marketing is now so fierce that many individuals and even businesses try to buy existing social media accounts.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use social media escrow services for buying or selling social media accounts.

Different means of acquiring social media accounts

Generally, you can acquire social media accounts in three different ways:

Online shopping platforms

Online shopping sites such as Amazon are the best way of buying goods but not for social media accounts. They don’t provide you with a safe transfer method, and therefore, you can’t be sure about the result.

Online social media forums

Online social media forums are also a place where many people advertise their accounts. The same problem exists here because they don’t use an escrow service for transferring the account from sellers to buyers.

Social media escrow services

With that said, the best way of buying/selling social media accounts is by using a safe escrow service.

Keep reading the following paragraphs to learn what these platforms are and how they work.

Top social media escrow services

Social media escrow services provide you with a safe transferring and transaction procedure so that both sides can be sure about the deal.

In fact, they supervise the process and don’t let any fraud happens. Here are some best platforms in 2021:

1. Social Tradia

Social Tradia is one of the oldest and safest social media escrow services focusing on Instagram accounts.

It is based in Toronto, offering services to Instagram users across the globe. They have checked and categorized all the accounts so that you can be sure about the account’s originality and the fact that their followers are not fake.

Also, you can find and compare a variety of accounts in minutes and choose the most suitable one.

There are accounts from almost all famous industries there, and you won’t face any problem with finding your dream account.

The prices are also really fair because the number of accounts is really high.

You can be sure about the transaction process and deliver your account within 3 working days.

2. Scrowise

They call themselves “ the most trusted social media escrow service.” Scrowise is a customized platform focused on securing transactions in social media accounts trading.

They have good experience in this service and have provided good services to many businesses and influencers.

3. Fameswap

Fameswap is another famous social media escrow platform. They also have a great platform using which you can buy or sell existing Instagram accounts.

They have a trusted company in quick and safe transaction services, and you can easily trade Instagram accounts without any problems.

Their customer service is also well-known as they offer 24/7 support before and after the purchase.

Another great feature of Fameswap is an encrypted messaging service using which buyers and sellers can get in touch about the details.

4. Insta Sale

Another escrow service for social media accounts is definitely Insta sale. This company is also providing users with countless social media accounts from different industries from which you can choose your dream account.

All the accounts have been checked by their team, and you can be sure about the followers. They have a strict confidentiality policy about the information of both sides. Therefore, you can be sure that no one could find out anything about your deal.

It is also a user-friendly and well-designed platform, so you won’t have any problem working with it.

5. Too Fame

Although Too Fame is a little younger, it has gained fame really soon and now is regarded as one of the best social media escrow services.

They’re also focused on Instagram accounts and provide users with a safe place for transferring the ownership of accounts.

They provide guarantees about the originality of followers and 24/7 customer service to make sure that everything is good.


Social media escrow services are your best choice if you’ve decided to buy an existing account instead of creating a new one from scratch. Try to search for your dream account all over these services and decide which one is better. Remember that gaining lots of followers might be easy using these services, but keeping them is not an easy task. So try to work on your social media marketing strategy and improve your social media presence.