How to gain more Instagram likes below your posts



The main value of Instagram is Likes. If you have more Likes, your Instagram post will be ranked higher in user news feeds. In addition, gaining more Likes will aid in ensuring that your next posts are more visible since the algorithm

on Instagram is designed to give users more of the content they’ve already expressed an interest in.

The addition of More Like to your account can bring a variety of benefits, such as increasing followers and traffic because people will browse your entire Instagram account if they like the content you post. If properly planned,

Likes are a crucial part of your total Instagram strategy. To make sure you benefit from these advantages, This

guide will show you how to increase the number of Likes on the social network based on images network. There are 6 tips for gaining more real Instagram likes below your posts.

  1. Share images that work

If you’re sharing images to gain more Likes, consider what motivates your readers to share posts. Review your older posts, and then analyze them to see which ones garnered the most likes.

If you’re a new account or haven’t frequently shared previously, examine your competitors on their accounts to see what they’re sharing. Once you’ve gained some insight into the kinds of pictures that receive Likes, You can make similar ones and post the images.

There are generally two types of pictures on your primary Instagram feed: photos and specially designed images.

If you’re sharing the image as a whole, you can apply filters, and it’ll be published. A study by Track Maven found that you should apply the Mayfair filter to maximize interactions or don’t add one in the first place (as posts that don’t have filters work less well).

If you’re sharing an image that’s already designed, You should think about adding an overlay with text, such as an actual quote or something entertaining, to increase the number of likes you receive. Content that is entertaining and informative generally do well.

  1. Use call to actions and hashtags

Social Bakers discovered that tweets received more retweets when users asked for Retweets. Therefore, if you’re looking for more followers on Instagram, you could think about soliciting them. It is possible to add a short message such as ‘Please Like This post’ within the caption. Then, overlaying the message over the image may aid in this. The research above by Track Maven also found that posts with eleven or more hashtags received the most followers on Instagram. Therefore, you should include at least 11 hashtags each time you post. You can include more, but you should be sure not to add more than fifteen hashtags, as your blog post could look sloppy.

In case you’re sharing content with a lot of attention, You can use hashtags on this listing of 100 top Instagram hashtags to get followers. They are great for postings that cover general subjects.

  1. Schedule at best times

Track Maven discovered that posts posted between 10 pm until 3 am receive the most attention. There are many reasons behind this, but one important factor to consider in this study is that engagement levels are higher when competition is low. Few people post between 10 pm and 3 am implies that fewer posts are competing with yours,

and they’re getting greater interest. A higher level of attention, as stated, could mean more visibility, but you need to play around with this to determine if you’re reaching the right people.

If you do some research with a few different options, you can determine the ideal schedule for posting for your company. For the best results, it is recommended to schedule your posts using an effective Instagram tool.



  1. Reshare on other networks

If you are a fan of other social media platforms, It is recommended to share your Instagram posts on those social platforms. This kind of sharing will bring your followers to follow your Instagram account and thus get you more followers. Instagram allows you to publish your posts with Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter after you publish. This isn’t always efficient since the post is different on every network according to characters, image restrictions, and other restrictions. However, it’s a different avenue worth exploring.

  1. Like others posts

This strategy is contingent on the goals of your business. It is worthwhile to look through the most-popular

Instagram feed and streams of hashtags that are popular and Like posts you find interesting or helpful – or from other profiles that are related to your company. This can help you get both followers and Likes, which will further increase your reach.

  1. Run like and tag to win contests

Contests that allow you to win are a simple method to increase engagement. To participate in this kind of

competition, you have to upload your image on Instagram and invite people to like the post to be a part of the contest. Because it is a simple procedure, many people will do it, especially if the prize is attractive. If you are having trouble with your engagement, it is a simple way to improve it.

For better results, conduct Tag and Like to win a prize, where you require users not only to Like the post but also tag people they are familiar with in their comments. Some of those who have been tagged will be able to Like the post and tag another person.

These are among the best methods to earn more likes on Instagram posts. Instagram posts. Try these out, starting by focusing on the first five options because they won’t consume any time. The final one, organizing a “Like to Win’ contest, may take some extra time. It will require some planning.