Can – And Should – You Manage Your Own Company’s Social Media?

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important digital marketing tools in 2023 – so much so that it now has its own separate sector: “social media marketing” – but it is not too easy for companies to get their head around. 

It might seem easy; after all, what’s the big deal in a few Facebook or Twitter posts per week? You make the posts, get engagement, and up product awareness, right?  

But it’s actually far more complicated than that. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin might have a user-friendly interface – for both your customers and you – there are a lot of intricacies to social posting that you need to understand in order to level up as a company.  

Can You Manage Your Own Company’s Social Media?

If you’re unphased by these intricacies, you’re probably wondering if it is possible to take your company’s social media presence into your own hands. The answer is: probably not. Or at least, it would be an extremely impractical business move not to seek out a management platform first.  

Even the very biggest of companies outsource their social media management – simply because of the importance of practical and efficient management in the field. A solid social media management platform can maximise your content visibility, ensuring that it creates a proper impact in the market and allows for an engaging customer experience.

On your own, however, your social media presence might keep ticking forward, but it will not glean even half of the benefits that can be gained through an efficient platform and its tools. 

What Can A Social Media Management Platform Give Your Company?

Social media marketing is all about strong, engaging and consistent content. If you have worked out which social media channels for your company to utilise – and it includes platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more – then maintaining these streams is going to be incredibly difficult. A good management platform, however, can assist in creating dozens of posts in just seconds, dealing with every channel all in one go. 

That content can then be automatically scheduled across these multiple profiles and released at the optimal time for mass engagement and interaction. You also have the ability to make your social media pages more of a collaborative task in your company. With a management platform, you can review and collaborate on social posts, leave comments for your contributors and make changes all on one interface. 

Be Efficient With Your Time And Practical In Your Abilities

Essentially, with a management platform, you can be the boss of your own social strategy, but you can let your management platform take control of the campaign. This makes the difference when it comes to an effective social media marketing strategy. You can have all the right business ideas for optimisation and growth with social media, but when it comes to putting them into practice and making those ideas a reality, your company cannot hope to do it without any help. 

As a successful company, you need to be practical when it comes to your abilities and always utilise tools and platforms that can assist in areas of social media marketing. To thrive and prosper, you need the engagement, the awareness and the metrics that a social media management platform can provide.