How To Fix Can’t Receive Incoming Calls On Samsung Galaxy S8

What should you do if you find that your Samsung Galaxy S8 is not receiving the incoming calls? There are many solutions present to solve this problem and you can solve it by yourself.

The solution to this problem is present in your device settings. Other than this it is possible that the problem comes from your carrier and it is not your phone problem, there are too many possibilities are present.

If you are facing the problem of not receiving incoming calls in your Samsung Galaxy S8 then don’t worry in this article, we are going to tell you different solutions to solve this problem

Restart your phone in the safe mode:

It might be possible that this problem occurs due to the bad apps that your added into your Samsung Galaxy S8.

To confirm this thing you need to restart your device into the safe mode and use your Samsung Galaxy S8 for at least 24 hours in the safe mode.

This time is enough for you to notice any difference in the safe mode and you have to make and receive the calls also in the safe mode to check the problem. To go to safe mode follow all the given steps.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Now press and hold the power button of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Release this button when the Samsung logo will appear in your device screen
  • Immediately press and hold the volume down button after releasing the power button
  • Press and hold the volume down button until your smartphone finish the restarting process
  • After this, the safe mode will appear on the bottom side of your device screen
  • When you enter into the safe mode then release the volume down button

Remember one thing that third-party apps will not run into the safe mode, the only pre-installed app will run.

Use your phone in the safe mode make and receive calls if your Samsung Galaxy S8 works properly in the safe mode then it is a clear indication that third-party application is the cause of this issue.

Now it’s turn to identify which third-party application causing the problem and for this, you should boot your Samsung Galaxy S8. Follow all the given below steps.

  • Boot your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the safe mode
  • After this check for the problem
  • Once it is confirmed that the third-party application is the main problem then you can start uninstalling the third-party application one by one.
  • You should start this process with the most recent added app
  • Once you uninstall the app then restart your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the normal mode
  • Now check for the problem
  • If still, you are facing the issue then repeat these steps 1 to 5 times

Delete contacts app data:

The second solution is to clear the data of the contacts app. To do this, follow all the given steps.

  • Open the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • From the settings click on the apps option
  • Now click on the more settings that are present in the upper side of your device screen in the form of three-dots
  • Select the show system apps option
  • After this find the contact app and click on it
  • Click on the storage option and then click on the clear data button
  • After doing this restart your Galaxy S8 device and check for the problem

Factory reset:

If the above given two solutions are not working in resolving the issue then you have to do the factory reset.

Basically factory reset will delete all your personal data and reset all the settings. With the factory reset too many problems will be solved easily. Follow all the steps to do the factory reset.

  • First, you have to create the backup of your personal and important data
  • Then turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • After this press and hold the volume up button, power button and the Bixby button at the same time
  • Android logo will appear on your device screen and this time you should release all the buttons
  • Android system recovery menu options will display on your device screen
  • From here highlight the wipe data/factory reset with volume down button
  • Confirm this option with the power button
  • After this highlight Yes option with the volume down button and confirm it with the power button to start the master reset
  • When the reset process is complete then Reboot system now option is highlighted
  • To restart the device press the power button