It’s Women’s Month! Check Out These Girl Boss Must-Haves

Women’s Month! Check Out These Girl Boss Must-Haves

Women’s Month! Check Out These Girl Boss Must-Haves

Ladies, cheer up! It is that time of the year when women’s empowerment is celebrated more than ever. March is the month of the ladies. There is no other better way to celebrate than to buy yourself things that will strengthen your inner girl boss.

Cop these trendy finds you surely do not want to miss out on. Here, you’ll find different ideas to make yourself look, feel and be a real girl boss. So, read on to find out more and choose which one or ones you like best and get them for yourself!

Rolex watch

A girl boss knows what she wants and when she wants it. Cliche as it may be but for these baddies, time is gold. It is only obvious because you can reach your goals faster and without breaking much sweat if you are taking control of your schedule.

There is no better way to keep track of your day than having a reliable wristwatch, such as Lady Datejust from Rolex. We are all too familiar with Rolex watches. For men, the luxury brand became a symbol of status. As for women, it is a symbol of power.

Lady Datejust is a perfect fashion statement and an addition to spruce up your wardrobe. The design is a classic, first introduced in the 1940s. It has a captivating allure that will leave every spectator in awe thanks to its versatile and luxurious structure and style. Besides, given the brand’s world-recognized quality, you can guarantee that this timepiece will last for a lifetime.


Work is important for goal-getter gals. Even during a pandemic, you still have to get the hustle going on. If you are one of those who were forced to leave the office and work from home thanks to Covid-19, you sure know the importance of headphones.

Conferences have shifted to online video calls with your work team and prospect clients. It is quite embarrassing and unprofessional if the people on the other end hear unnecessary noise in the background as you talk. That is why you need to invest in headphones that have noise-canceling features.

Noise-canceling headphones will help you convey the message to your listeners. It is also best to use, especially if you have little children and pets running around at home. Having reliable noise-canceling headphones will surely give you additional confidence during a presentation.

Ring Light

Phone calls have given many people anxiety. Even strong independent women get the hibbie-jibbies when presented with an unexpected call, what more if it is a video call? That said, it would be best to have a ring light on hand.

You can use a ring light to have excellent lighting for a cute mini photoshoot for your next Facebook profile picture. Besides that, a ring light is also great for adding vibrance to a dark room during a video call. Simply put, you will be ready for the camera as long as you have good lighting. Meaning, you do not need to have much anxiety over video calls.


People think that a pair of shoes is no longer essential for the new normal. But whether you are stuck at home quarantining or not, you still need to buy shoes. After all, a girl boss is always ready. You do not want to be running around doing errands with old worn-out shoes. It is important to look best to do your best. So, go ahead and look for a good pair of shoes.

For footwear, it would be best to have options: a pair of sneakers like the Nike Air Force 1 shoes and a pair of medium block heels. Both will give you comfort and support. A good pair of running shoes or sneakers are best for quick trips to the grocery store. Meanwhile, medium block heels are perfect for important visits to the office.


Loungewear is the new work outfit. But that is only true if you are doing most of your job responsibilities off-cam. On the other hand, a girl boss always dresses according to the occasion. Just because you are working from home does not mean that you will slack off with your outfit!

Do not worry though. You do not need to go on a shopping spree for formal wear. You can quickly turn your loungewear into a perfect work from home ensemble by copping a quintessential coat.

There are different coats available out there. For ladies working from home, you can get a coat-type cardigan with a neutral shade, like black, white, or nude. It can make a simple white shirt look elegant and ready for online meetings with VIP clients or with your supervisors.


Women have shown strength in fighting for the rights they enjoy today. Although March is known as the women’s month, let your inner girl boss out every day. Getting your hands on these timeless pieces will not only upgrade your style but will also improve your working habits—all leading to a better quality of life that you will surely enjoy.