7 Attractive Luxury Watches For Women



Luxury items are always synonymous with women. It is one reason why fashion brands are still hyping up to this day. Women love to collect various types of luxury items such as bags, clothes, and accessories. It’s imperative for every woman to own a piece of timeless jewelry or a vintage purse. It may not be something that you wear or use all the time, but it’s important to have something ready in case you need it.

One of the best luxury items to spend your money on is a watch. Apart from helping you keep track of the time, a luxury timepiece is also an attractive piece of accessory to pair with your designer clothes. If you are going to a formal function, you can complete your outfit with a stunning, diamond-studded watch. It will not only make you stand out but it’s also a conversation starter with your peers.

Luxury watches for women

If this is your first time buying a luxury watch, or if you need to add something to your collection but you need inspiration, we list down some of the most attractive and enticing luxury watches for women. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Rolex Lady Datejust

You can never go wrong with Rolex. This century-old watch manufacturer has released quite a few elegant timepieces for women. One of which is the Lady Datejust. This collection was launched in 1957, and it carries the lifelong quality and heritage of Rolex watches. It is one of the most popular classic watches for women that is both charming and durable at the same time. It comes in various models and designs, but most are made with stainless steel or an 18k yellow gold metal. This model has a small window for the calendar, which makes it look more stylish than the rest.

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz

If you think that Audemar Piguet’s Royal Oak collection is only for men, then you’re mistaken. This high-end watch manufacturer also released a “hers” version of Royal Oak timepieces made with solid titanium and polished 950 platinum links. It boasts sophisticated brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel, which makes it perfect for every woman. It has a smoked blue dial paired with the brand’s signature Grande Tapisseri pattern, making it perfect for all types of formal occasions.

  • Patek Nautilus 7010/1R-011

Patek Philippe has established its name as one of the best luxury watches in the world. This notable watch manufacturer also released a stunning Patek Nautilus model for women. This model is built with a rose gold metal and paired with 46 diamonds on its bezel. It has a petite yet sophisticated dial made of Silvery opaline and a luminescent coating. It’s also water-resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. If you are looking for a stylish look on your next exploration, this model is for you.

  • Chopard Imperiale

Chopard is also a popular name in the watchmaking industry. This Swiss brand also released some of the most iconic women’s watches in the world. One of which is the Chopard Imperiale collection. It’s a 36mm watch with an 18k rose gold and stainless steel bracelet. Its chic design is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Moreover, it features an amethyst set in the crown, which makes it look more royal.

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Tourbillon

If you are aiming for a more dazzling look, you must check out the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Tourbillon. It is one of the boldest timepieces for women because of its stunning 1209 diamonds around the entire watch. Moreover, it is paired with a white gold metal which elevates the watch’s overall aesthetic. Apart from its physical allure, this model is also a well-crafted timepiece because of its self-winding movement and 5-bar water-resistant features.

  • Cartier Tank Solo

You cannot complete a list of women’s luxury watches without mentioning Cartier. Since 1847, this French luxury brand has produced the most luxurious jewelry and accessories for women. One of the best in their collection is the Cartier Tank Solo. It has a simple and modern design that is best to wear every day at work. It has a unique rectangular dial paired with a stainless steel bracelet. If you are aiming for a modest yet classy look, this watch is for you.

  • Breitling Galactic 29

Another well-known brand in the watchmaking industry is Breitling. It is iconic for its wide range of chronograph watches for men. However, did you know this German brand also releases a collection for women? Breitling Galactic 29 is designed for the modern woman who loves to conquer beyond what is expected of her. It has a classic look built with 18k rose gold or stainless steel exterior. It’s also water-resistant, which makes it perfect for all types of activities. If you are looking for an impressive chronometer-certified watch, this model is the best choice.

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