Understanding Level 2 Electricians Better



A level 2 ASP electrician has certain important rules to follow when working with the power supply, lines and such. They can carry out simple maintenance and repairs as well, but can also carry out far more complex actions with residential properties, commercial and more. When there is more risk in the job, you need a more qualified and higher trained electrician, and that is a level 2 electrician, Sutherland Shire or where you are. Moreover, you will need to fulfill the electrician license requirements to get yours.. The ASP scheme or Accredited Service Provider Scheme is where electricians can gain the level they meet the requirements for and shows those who might employ them, that they are skilled and qualified. Level 2 electricians focus on connection services and service work.

Level 2 electricians have a very important role to play

In most cases, if you see an electrician working at the top of a power pole, or you need one to helps with installing a private power pole on your land, then that would level 2 electrician near me. There are some big jobs involving repairs, maintenance, and installations linked to service line work, that require a lot of skill and knowledge in safety. Other times they play an important role include;

  1. If you have been issued an electrical defect notice it means that electrical installations you have do not meet legal requirements. You would need a level electrician to resolve the problem and you have three weeks to do so.
  2. If a property needs disconnecting from the power grid or reconnecting back to it.
  3. Solar meters or regular meters are there to measure your power use. The installation and repair of those are undertaken by a level 2 electrician.
  4. If an underground line connecting a property to the power network needs installing or repairing.
  5. Moving a home from phase one power supply to three-phase supply.
  6. If an overhead power line connecting somewhere to the grid needs putting in or repairing.
  7. The installation of power poles including private power poles.
  8. Fixing point of attachment problems takes a level 2 electrician, Sutherland Shire.

Legally qualified

To work on power lines close to homes, sub-contractors and employee electricians must be registered with the ASP scheme and have qualified as a Level 2 electrician. These are electricians who have passed evaluation and have achieved the accreditation because they are completely qualified to do the work. It also ensures that as they perform more dangerous work they do as safely as possible, not taking short cuts.


You should always look for a level 2 electrician near me that is licensed, properly qualified and comes with a good reputation. Looking for ASP accredited electricians is another level of safety and assurance. Even when they are already qualified they have to refresh their knowledge and stay up to date with new developments and processes. Electricians who are evaluated and qualify have to continue to do so to stay at the top of their field.