How to fax over the internet?

Internet faxing works on the principles of facsimile transmission with the use of a web interface. This method is cheap and flexible to transmit documents without a fax machine. You will need a fax number for internet faxing to send faxes via email or a web browser.

It doesn’t mean to arrange a phone line because you can get a fax number from online fax services. See the process of internet fax services:

  • You have to attach your documents in an email message. For this reason, you must have soft copies of your paper. To create soft copies, scan hard copies of your document or take their photographs.
  • Write a fax number of the recipient followed by the name of a faxing service, such as [email protected].
  • Selection of online fax service is an important decision. This service will translate your attachments for a fax machine.
  • The fax machine of the recipient will print the fax after decoding the data. 

You can receive fax documents from a fax machine through a similar online fax service. For this reason, you will need a fax number. Now the selection of the right fax service can be the real problem. Here are some excellent suggestions for you to fax over the internet.

CocoFax (Highly Recommended Service)

Millions of users around the world are taking advantage of CocoFax. Exotic features and HIPAA compliant faxing increase the reliability of this online fax service. With Cocofax, you can send fax over internet without any phone line or fax machine.


fax over internet

CocoFax is recognized by New York Magazine, Mac World, The Verge and many more. It is a reputed and authentic brand for business organizations. Its brilliant features and user-friendly dashboard can make your life easy.


cocofax homepage

For the security of your fax communications, you can trust on the CocoFax and its amazing features. With this trusted brand, you can turn your tablet, smartphone or computer into a virtual fax machine. To use this cloud-based faxing service, you will need an internet connection.

Create a CocoFax Account

To get started, use your email ID and create your account with CocoFax online. After creating your account, there is no need to invest in a fax machine. At the time of signing up, you will get a free trial for 30 days and a fax number. You can use these two ways to fax over the internet.

1.   Web Browser

Use a web browser on your computer or phone to receive and send faxes. Feel free to fax from android, Windows, Mac, iPhone and other operating systems. You can manage your fax communications without wires. See these steps to fax through a web browser.

Step 01: Sign up for this trustable brand to get a free trial period for 30 days and a free fax number. You are allowed to choose your fax number.

3 free-trial-choose-fax-number

free trial choose fax number

Step 02: After sign up, you will be able to access the dashboard of CocoFax. Now things will be easy to create new fax. By clicking on the “Send Fax” option on the dashboard, you can create new fax.


send fax online with cocofax

Step 03: Enter a fax number and attach a fax document that you want to send. Feel free to send a fax to several people by separating each number with commas. You are allowed to write a note on each fax or create a cover page.

After filling all crucial fields, click on “Send” and receive a confirmation message on your dashboard. CocoFax will successfully deliver your fax messages. If the fax is unsuccessful, it means the fax machine is busy or turned off.

2.   Send Fax via Email Clients


email to fax

After signing up, you can send faxes through your email clients. Click on the “compose an email” and fill essential fields. In the “To” field, you will type a fax number followed by Carefully fill all required fields before sending a fax through your email client.

Bottom line 

All this discussion was an effort for businesses and freelancers who are interested in the use of the latest technology. Now you can avoid the extra expenses of a fax machine, printer, scanner and toner by sending your faxes over the internet.

Internet faxing is not rocket science. Things will be secure and easy with the use of trustworthy free faxing service, such as CocoFax. No doubt, use of the latest technology can help you to impress your business clients and partners.

With the use of CocoFax, you can protect your sensitive documents from prying eyes and hackers. Share your experiences with the readers in the comment box below.