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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games since 2004 when it was first launched. When it is very popular and interesting to play, sometimes it is very complex and boring to complete some tasks. Besides that, people don’t have that much time for building a character consuming a huge amount of time. If you want to get your characters fully upgraded and go directly for the battle of heroes or advance quests you can have it through getting a boosting service. Boosthive Covers that all. From Boosthive you can get every type of boosting service. But before that let’s clear some of you frequently asked questions. 

Why should you choose BoostHive?

We are an experienced and professional WoW boosting association serving well over 7 years. We are accomplishing all kinds of WoW boosting services including PvE boosts and PvP boosting. All our boosters are very expert gamers. They execute their tasks very seriously and are committed to delivering the best while keeping your account and information safe and secure. So, you can buy wow services from boosthive safely.

Is my account is safe if I pick account share preference?

Our expert boosters take your security issues very sincerely and we are doing our best to do it so. We use a close location near you using VPNs to avoid a ban. You can watch your progress through live-streaming so you can trace the progress live of your character. For more in-depth data you can always ask on live chat.

Do I require to close the authenticator from my account?

No, you do not need to close it. if so, it is even better than you can leave it ON, so that you are more convenient with it.

How do I ensure that you will not scam me?

Over time we have received a lot of feedback from other clients. You can read them on our website’s customer review section. You will get your answer. I just want to say we can guarantee you to provide our best quality services.

Is there any possibility to get banned by practicing the account share option? 

The possibilities for you to get banned are about to none and are extremely rare. Over more than thousands of processed orders and we had on very rare circumstances our clients getting a 1-month penalty because of the Account sharing option.

What is Account Sharing?

Account sharing is a regularly used boosting manner that requires another person executing for your character for the time of the boosting service. It is very reliable and secured due to the usage of a VPN secured network that replaces the IP address of our player to the country IP of your usual location. If you are still anxious about your character belongings or something else, we also offer a self-play choice for all services.

What are our working times?

We work 24/7 all year round and will be available to offer our services even on long weekends. Our executives on the website, messenger, and skype works nonstop. If you would like to interact with us just leave a mail or direct message on our websites live chat services. We are always available to you.

When my order will be ready?

We will notify you before the beginning of your boosting what is the estimated time for the finish of your order. We will then notify you when your order has been taken for the boosting service and get an update when it is available. All contact will be made via the preferred media you choose, whether it is skype, e-mail, or telephone, or discord.

What payment options do we have?

We are offering the Paypal payment system and credit card payment. You just have to add the WoW service you want to purchase in the cart and afterward fill in the personal information and then submit the order with payment. If you got any questions then contact us on our live chat, we will help you through the process.

What shall you do if you are here for the first time?

If it is the first time you are here, then we completely understand that you are worried. But, believe it, an organization serving actively for 8 years, almost ruining its reputation, because of a single client in order to hack or steal his or her account data or money. Is it truly worth it? Of course NOT! So if you are possessing second thoughts just message us on our website live chat and speak to us, you will observe for yourself that we are WoW nerds at its best!

So How to purchase WoW boosting Service From BoostHive

  1. First, pick your desired boost.
  2. Now put your order and make the payment.
  3. After ordering and paying for the order successfully, we will appoint an expert booster for you who will talk to you shortly.
  4. Once our process is finished, your order execution starts;
  5. So Why waiting! Visit our boosting service section now!