Affordable Roof Cleaning Services in The UK

Has your roof started to show its age? Has it also been affected by mosses and fungi? A number of people may have suggested roof replacement as an answer to the above two questions in Milton Keynes. However, a little more inspection into the roof replacement will make you realize that it is a very expensive proposition. Instead of replacement, roof maintenance activities can bring back the lustre in your roof at a fraction of the cost.    

Find out the life of your roof

With the knowledge of the installation date of your roof, roofing maintenance professionals from a reputed agency will be able to determine its remaining expected life. In most cases, new roofs get warranties of 15-20 years from their manufacturers. Various aspects like foot traffic, climate and weather, installation, composition, slope, and the building’s interior conditions impact the life of a roof.

You need to keep a watch out for different indicators to understand that your roof is close to its life’s end. As an example, if it requires repairs every month, it is likely to be a warning sign. If repairs are not done at an early stage, replacement might be the only option.

In most cases, you will need to get in touch with a roofing maintenance contractor twice a year. Do ensure that you have complete records with regards to roof cleaning cost in the UK. Additionally, the roofing professionals may also require original building drawings, inspections, repairs, and warranties. The recorders will enable you to extract maximum life from the roof at an affordable cost.

Attic ventilation

The state of your house’s roof is largely determined by the condition of its attic.  It is important for the attic to be ventilated and well insulated at all times. Ventilation prevents condensation from taking place on the decking. Similarly, proper insulation prevents warm air from escaping and melting snow present on your roof. Once the snow refreezes, ice dams are created, which could result in roof collapse over time.

Mosses can be bad for roofs

Mosses can be found at any time of the year on your roof, and more so during the rainy season since they thrive in moisture laden conditions. Of course, if cleaning hasn’t been done for 6 months, there’ll be a lot of moisture growth. Mosses can be harmful to any roof structure since they can cause immense damage to a roof’s structural integrity.

Other than the structural damage, it also presents a dreadful sight on the roof, which could lead to significant devaluation if you’re planning to sell your house or put it up on rent. Once it latches on to moisture, it is able to establish roots on the roof and gradually degrade it. In combination with molds and bacteria, it causes holes in the roof and may result in leaks into your home.   

Stopping the growth of mosses

If you are feeling perturbed by the unabated growth of mosses, there are high chances that you must have already started thinking of how to get rid of the slimy plants. Fortunately, expert roof cleaning professionals in the UK are well versed in the following moss removal methods –

  1. Major moss growths will be first eliminated through pressure washing, after which it would be scraped off using the hands
  2. Tree branches near the roof may need to be trimmed
  3. While wearing protective gear, some cleaning professionals may apply bleach to remove the mosses. Bleach chemicals are suitably diluted for them to not harm roof tiles
  4. Cleaning professionals also use Zinc strips to prevent future moss growth. Zinc is significantly safer than bleach.
  5. Whatever mosses, sticks, and leaves fall into the gutter and on to your roof will be cleaned by the professionals

Uses of roof coatings

Once cleaning and repairs have been completed as per the extra protection which increases the roof’s life can be given through a roof coating. The material commonly used for preparing this extra layer of protection is silicone, which can seal all the roof leaks at once without needing to repair each one separately.  Silicone has very low levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and is solvent-free, both of which make it a successful eco friendly material.  

Advantages of roof coating

  1. Enhanced roof lifespan– Roof coatings increase the life of your roof in many ways, especially against  UV rays
  2. Less usage of usage- A roof coating is able to efficiently cover the top of your home, much better than what is achieved the regular roof. This, in turn, decreases the energy consumed by your HVAC system to cool your home, ensuring that you pay lower energy bills.

For the roof coating to be applied, it needs to be prepped first. Once initial inspection is done, pressure washing is carried out to get rid of the debris. Prior to putting the actual roof coating, a primer is applied to the roof.