3 Best Ways to Monitoring on a Cell Phone without Having it

In an era when everything is happening over the phone, a phone has become more than a device. It is the goldmine of someone’s personal information and can give an idea about activities, contacts, and communication the other person is having. 

So, if you want to gather the whereabouts of someone, the ideal way is to monitor over the cell phone. Though it sounds interesting, gaining access to other’s phones is not a kid’s play. 

Either you have to learn some hacking tricks like rooting or jailbreak or you need to hire an expert for the job. While the latter option can be a bit pocket pinching, the one option can lead troubles that are beyond your imagination. 

Would you like to get into any trouble while you try to monitor on others? We think no intelligent soul would like to face this.

Well, take a breather as technology has saved you this time as well. As a result of technological advancement, many tools are available that allow you to monitor on others without gaining access to the targeted device or dragging yourself into any troubles. 

This article will talk about such three ways in detail and help you monitoring on others easily and effortlessly. So, let’s get started.

#1 – Spyic

Spyic is one of the safest ways to spy cell phone without touching it. Packed with more than 35 + features, Spyic has grabbed the title of ‘the safest remote monitoring tool’ across the world.

Millions of users in more than 190 countries are using Spyic to monitor on a cell phone without touching it, securely, discreetly, and safely. 

This app’s star-rated performance has grabbed the attention of many leading platforms like PC world, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, and many more. 



The biggest thing that gives you jitters about monitoring on a targeted device is gaining access to it. 

Many monitoring apps or software available in the market/online demands it to work. You can’t see it happening unless the targeted person trusts you blindly or too forgetful to remember about his/her phone. 

So, to let those options work for you, you should be very lucky. However, Spyic brings relief big time at this front. Its iPhone monitoring app comes with a 100% web-based interface. 

By the web-based interface, we mean that the app can work using any of the devices and web-browser. You can login to the Spyic’s official account from anywhere and start using the app. 

How is it even possible? 

We know that you must be wondering how it can be possible. Well, we are here to clear all your doubts and give you a clear picture of everything related to monitoring on someone’s cell phone without having it. 

iPhone has a centralized cloud storage facility known as ‘iCloud’. At iCloud, all your activities like location, media, call history, passwords, and contacts are stored. If somehow, you managed to gain access to the iCloud of the targeted device, you can monitor on them. 

Spyic’s iPhone app asks you about the iCloud credentials of the targeted device and gets paired with it. Once it’s successfully paired, it starts fetching the relative data for you. This makes you aware of the activities happening on the targeted device. 

What makes Spyic seize the first place on our list? 

When it comes to monitoring on a cell phone without having it, doing it by Spyic is the best strategy. 

We are not making this statement out of the blue. We have reasons to back it: 

  • It works without jailbreak

The biggest risk in your route to monitor on any device is the need for jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is a process that allows you to gain access to any of the iPhone device and control its entire OS. 

When the targeted device is jailbroken, you can uninstall the default software, change the settings, and even monitor on it completely. 

Though gaining such control over a device may sound enthralling, doing so is extremely dangerous. In that process of jailbreak, you might harm the targeted device’s OS completely and make it as a good-for-nothing device.     

On the same note, jailbreak can also make the targeted device more prone to cyber-attacks and crime. You can come into the eye of the virus, Trojans, and other notorious cyber swine. Both the things are something no one wants to face. 

iPhone remote monitoring app by Spyic works in such an advanced manner that it shuns the practice of jailbreak once and for all. All you need to get started with it is the right iCloud credentials of the targeted device.

  • It leaves no trace

You will be stunned to learn about the perfection that Spyic brings into its operations. As it can be installed, uninstalled, fetch data, and monitor the activities remotely, Finding of its presence/functioning on the targeted device is next to impossible. 

It can monitor on more than 3 devices at a time. Depending upon the subscription availed, you can monitor on more than 3 devices at a time. Isn’t it great? 

  • Its one-stop solution

Once you install Spyic to monitor on a cell phone without touching it, you need not be worried about anything else. This app can do a lot for you. 

Starting from call history to web-history, SMS sent to messages received on social media platforms, and app used to accounts created, it can track every single thing that a person can do using the cell phone. We doubt big-time that any other app has such capabilities. 

#2 – Cocospy 

The next up in the list is Cocospy. Built with exceptional technology, Cocospy also offers you a feature-rich, discreet, and powerful iPhone app to monitor on a cell phone without touching it. With its 100% web-based operations, you can be sure that no one can ever catch you in the act. 

What makes Cocospy seize the second place on our list?

  • It can monitor on a lot of activities like call history, media, browsing history, and a lot more with a single tool. 
  •  Its operations are jailbreak-free. 
  • Ability to work from any device/browser


#3 – Spyier 

Spyier is what we recommend for you next. This remote monitoring app also has a powerful web-based interface for iOS devices letting you monitor on a cell phone without touching it. With more than 30+ monitoring features, it can do a lot for you.

What makes Spyier seize the third place on our list?

  • It’s a free trial facility. 
  • Jail-break-free operations
  • Powerful feature-suite 
  • Discreet operations 


The Gist

monitoring on others’ cellphone can be the need of the hour sometimes. If this is the case with you right now then we must suggest you go with Spyic to monitor cell phone without touching it. Hats off to its commendable technology that lets you keep tabs on everything happening on the targeted device while you are still miles away from it. 

Though we hardly believe that someone would like to learn about other options after learning the capabilities of Spyic, Cocospy and Spyier are the other two best options that you can hire for this job.