7 Ways to Keep your Possessions Safe from Theft

Keep your Possessions Safe from Theft

Keep your Possessions Safe from Theft

With inflation threatening to rid the population of its limited reserves, and an economic recession looming over the already-intimidated citizens, it is no surprise that crime rates have increased exponentially. People resort to stealing and snatching when hard work and honest living fail to deliver.

In such troubling times, citizens must protect themselves in the wake of soaring criminal activities. Unfortunately, most high-tech security measures today can be expensive. But there are ways to prevent thefts and secure your possessions.

  1. Keep your possessions under lock and key:

One way to ensure the safety of belongings is to keep valuables under lock and key, even if you’re going for a short stroll or to the market. Remember, thieves usually mark homes and track your movements.

When going out, don’t forget to lock all access to the house! Investing in high-quality locks might be a good idea. Deadbolt locks are considered best as they are not very easy to pick or break into.

When it comes to keeping your possessions under lock and key, the same principle applies to vehicles. Lock your vehicle whenever sitting inside or exiting it for a quick task. Remember, most car thefts are executed when unsuspecting owners leave their cars running.

This is common during winter when the heater is kept running, but considering the repercussions, switching the car off and locking it is a better alternative. Also, it would be best to keep pricy possession like phones, laptops, and tablets out of sight or under the seats.

A word of advice – Poor security measures in sight of a burglary may even result in losing a loved one. Consider writing a will to ensure your possessions are cared for and distributed among people you trust and love. Nowadays, you can even DIY probate a will to expedite the process if there’s a fatality.

  1. Keep your valuables hidden or out of sight:

To avoid the constant stress of valuables getting snatched, it is best to keep them with you. Thieves tend to steal in isolated locations with no eyewitnesses. Even though chances of stuff getting snatched are minimal if you are careful and vigilant about your surroundings, adding a secret pocket to a frequently worn vest is an excellent idea.

  1. Do not announce your assets:

Acquiring a new precious item or displaying it to others isn’t safe. While sharing the news might be great, it might lead to theft by an envious bystander. It is better not to discuss your stuff with those you’re not acquainted with.

  1. Consider a security upgrade:

Thieves avoid getting into homes equipped with high-quality security measures. Therefore investing in security cameras is a good idea. A fool-proof security system with a burglar alarm that notifies the authorized personnel when the house is broken into may be a lifesaver.

To avoid picking doors, burglars may even try to break a window instead as an access point. Anti-shatter glass would add an extra layer of security and reinforce a weak spot. Moreover, motion sensors in the garden area are another good idea to alert homeowners of impending calamity.

On the other hand, keeping a guard dog, adding a fence and thorny hedges, and trimming overgrown shrubs to avoid hiding spots for criminals are simple measures that would further enhance security.

A word of advice – Instead of hiding the house key under the doormat or nearby pot, it would be best to choose an inconspicuous spot like a hollow brick that blends with the wall.

  1. Don’t entertain strangers

Consider a stranger who comes to your door and asks for help saying their car broke down and they need to make a call. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you because it could be an attempt to break into your house.

Instead, reassure them that you are calling the relevant department to help them and ask them to wait. Also, if someone claims to be a government official, don’t forget to ask for their credentials and ID. Moreover, tell them you are calling the police or the authorities to confirm if they are scheduled to visit. Criminals would flee immediately, sensing they would get caught in the act.

  1. When traveling, plan ahead

Going on a holiday or business trip requires some planning. First, measures should be taken to make the house look like it is still inhabited. Leaving a few lights on, keeping the blinds open, and getting a trusted neighbor to check up on the house occasionally might prevent an adverse event.

Before leaving, tell the mailman to drop your mail off with a neighbor instead, or better yet, request a neighbor to collect your newspapers and mail regularly from your home. These measures will make it seem like people are still present and deter ill-willed individuals.

  1. Avoid cybercrime by not giving out personal information:

In this day and age, when people prefer online transactions over physical methods, cybercrime is on the rise. The best way to avoid this is to keep your private details confidential. Don’t give personal information unless a trusted source asks for it, and completely disregard calls for help by online strangers stuck in a problematic situation requesting monetary help.

When using an ATM, make sure you monitor your surroundings. Sometimes, thieves hide in the dark or outside the entrance to snatch your stuff. Therefore, when you are inside an ATM, lock the door from the inside.

A word of advice – After you’ve made a transaction, don’t unlock the door immediately and walk out. Instead, look outside and ensure there’s no one else. Once the coast is clear, walk towards your car and drive off.

To Sum it Up

Take note of an old saying; ‘it is better to be safe than sorry.’ Keeping yourself and your possessions safe is your right and a duty.

Remember, it is not paranoid about being concerned about your safety, so ensure you take all the measures necessary to keep yourself, your family, and your possession safe. These measures will protect you and grant you the peace you need to sleep soundly at night.

If you think we missed out on anything, please feel free to tell us in the comments box below. As always, keep yourself safe and be vigilant about your surroundings. Good luck.