Top Home Security Mistakes that Put You at Risk

Home Security System

Home Security System

Home security tends to be the utmost importance for most homeowners. If the safety of one’s home is not guaranteed, then it compromises the purpose of having a home where you expect to be physically and emotionally comfortable.

To ensure the safety of their home, homeowners opt for various methods. Some hire guards in order to guard their home; some try to maintain security by using infrastructural complexities, and so on. But the most common method which people use to try to ensure peace of mind is installing a home security system. This is because it’s the most budget-friendly and hassle-free of all the options available.

However, the act of securing one’s home does not end with installing a home security system. One needs to keep in mind several things to meet their security goals.

There are certain habits that people do which either nullifies the purpose of installing a home security system or makes the security system less effective.

Here are a few mistakes that people make that puts the security system at risk:

  • Installing the security system in plain sight: The placement of the alarm system is a very tricky strategy, and one should choose the place strategically. Most people make the mistake of installing the alarm system in clear view. They do this keeping in mind that it will scare away the burglar. Even though that is true, if one places the alarm system in plain sight, the burglar will be able to tell if the alarm system is turned on or not. In case you forget to turn on the alarm, placing the system in a clear view will work to your disadvantage.
  • Forgetting to turn on the alarm system: If you are someone who is new to the process of home security system, it is advisable to get habituated to turning on the alarm system. Simply installing an expensive home security system will not work if one forgets to arm it whenever they go out of the house or before going to sleep at night. It’s further recommended that one to turn on the alarm system even if they go to the garage, pool, basement or anywhere that is not near the front door.
  • Not investing in smart technology: At first glance, smart lights and smart locks might appear to be a waste of money and extra hassle, but when combined with the home security system, they can go a long way in providing protection to the entire house. Using home automation allows you to turn on/off smart lights or lock/unlock smart doors even when you are not at there. While away on vacation, you can randomly turn on/off the lights to give the impression to potential intruders that someone is staying at your place.
  • Compromising with camera quality: If you are spending a lot on the security system, you would definitely not want it to compromise under any circumstances. Therefore, don’t neglect the quality of even one aspect as it might end up failing the whole system. If you compromise with the camera quality, you might not be able to detect a security threat because of the camera’s poor and lower resolution. The best camera resolution is at least 1080p.

All that being said, you should also avoid being too paranoid about the security system and end up making it more complex by installing too many complicated grills, locks, fences and other such features.

With all these complicated systems in place, it could become more difficult for you to tend to an emergency situation and alert authorities if one should occur.