Managed Home Security Systems: The New Neighborhood Watch

Community association members should be aware of their options when it comes to securing the property of their neighborhood. HOA security and surveillance options have become more sophisticated over the past decade. Now, residential communities and apartment complexes can utilize advanced technologies and professional remote services to manage the most critical aspects of their security.

Managed home security systems use a plethora of residential surveillance cameras and other systems to keep your HOA safe and secure. Best of all, the equipment is managed by the provider. Therefore, your HOA or condo association won’t be tasked with performing maintenance and software updates on the security equipment.

The benefits of managed home security systems don’t end there. Service providers ensure invaluable resources if a crime occurs within your community. For example, they preserve the chain of custody when providing security camera footage of the incident to law enforcement, which improves the possibility of theft recovery.

Let’s look at the advantages of managed home security systems so that you can see why service providers are the gold standard in residential surveillance.

Advantages of Managed Video Surveillance System For Residential Communities

home security

home security

Managed home security systems go above and beyond typical CCTV surveillance systems. The key reason is that they are managed by a team of security experts. These systems include a network of residential security cameras that are expertly positioned and maintained by industry professionals. 

By choosing a managed home security system, you won’t have to be wary of malfunctions, poorly configured systems, and sub-par equipment. Since the service provider handles the nitty-gritty aspects of the surveillance process, HOAs and condo associations can gain peace of mind knowing that their security systems will always perform correctly.

After all, modern criminals are using the most sophisticated technologies to find vulnerable targets. Residential communities without adequate surveillance are often the first choice for burglaries and invasion.

Security cameras are visible signs of your property being under documentation 24/7. All activities are being recorded and will be held under scrutiny by law enforcement. So it’s no wonder why managed home security systems are among the best deterrents to potential crimes.

Professional-Grade Surveillance Camera Systems

Modern surveillance equipment is no longer hampered by low-light situations. It produces high-quality footage in most circumstances. For example, providers offer license plate recognition technology for residential communities. This intelligent home security system captures the alphanumeric characters on the license plate of each vehicle that enters or leaves the property. Therefore, your HOA or condo association will have a record of the cars that went into or out of the community whenever a crime takes place. 

This is a significant upgrade to older video surveillance systems. Not only is it maintained by the provider, but it is also backed up by advanced data analytics that helps you find the correct video when you need it.

Professionally Assured High-Performance Home Security Systems For HOAs

Managed residential security systems are serviced regularly by the provider, ensuring critical performance checks and data integrity assurances. All of this translates into a smooth-running system that a community and HOA can genuinely trust to maintain tight security.

If a crime does take place, you can rest assured that everything was caught on camera. Now you can take the help of security experts in sorting through the footage and collect evidence.

home security camera

home security camera

Meanwhile, CCTV and other “unmanaged” home security cameras are only as effective as you make them. That’s because your community association is responsible for installing, updating, maintaining, and replacing the equipment, which is time-consuming and costly.

The ability to access live footage through mobile apps or web portals ensures that homeowners are always aware of what is happening in and around their homes. You can learn more here about CCTV cameras and how managed home security systems can benefit your property; consider exploring the range of options available on the market today to safeguard your home.

Video Footage Retrieval Done By the Book

A professional security company will provide you with a dedicated video investigation department, at no additional costs. This team of professionals finds the footage of the incident in question. Since these security experts know the ins and outs of the legal system, they’re able to follow the proper chain of custody to ensure it holds up in a court of law. This process supports the efforts of law enforcement in bringing criminals to justice. Plus, it also provides evidence to help homeowners, residents, or HOAs recover any stolen property or to collect insurance on property damage.

Secure Residential Communities Attract Better Insurance Rates

Highly secured apartment communities or HOAs will be seen favorably by insurance companies. It will show them that proper care has been taken to secure the home, thus lowering their risk in providing home insurance against theft and property damage.

So in addition to being a hands-off, fully managed surveillance solution, managed home security systems help homeowners and community associations save money.

Customized Solutions For Each Community

Since each community is different, security and surveillance providers provide tailor-made solutions that provide the best fit for your HOA, apartment complex, or neighborhood. It ensures that each area receives adequate coverage. 

Reducing blind spots and making overlapping security zones are the key factors behind expertly installed home security systems. 

Make Your Neighborhood a Safe Haven

You can rest easy once you know that you are in a secure environment. Managed home security systems are designed to provide maximum peace of mind for HOAs and individual residents, alike.

From apartment security cameras to license plate recognition technology, these fully equipped systems are excellent crime deterrents. Additionally, you will not have to lift a finger through the entire process. 

We all want to attract the best of people to our communities. This goal is easily accomplished when the community is secure and peaceful.