Cybersecurity Threats Netflix Streamers Should Be Aware Of



Netflix is a one-for-all and all-for-one entertainment streaming service, courtesy of its massive media repository of the latest shows and movies. However, if you think it is safe to stream Netflix in your homes or during a commute, you need to choose a secure VPN for Netflix.

Hate to break the news; it’s not safe to stream Netflix whether you are at home or in public. It’s because of the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, phishing attacks, ransomware, and the list goes on.

The following article discusses the cybersecurity threats that you should know before streaming Netflix.

Potential Cybersecurity Threats while Streaming Netflix

Advancement in technology is equal for both regular users and cybercriminals. That’s why hackers are using advanced phishing campaigns and malware to access your credit card information. Later, they sell your personal information in the very famous black market or on the dark web.

Trojan Posing

It’s one of the most commonly used methods to steal customer’s confidential data. What happens is a malicious Trojan disguises itself and poses as if it’s the original Netflix software. This way, it tricks innocent users into downloading the Trojan, which in turn can steal your credit card information.

You must be wondering how people become victims of malware. It’s because the fake adverts lure them into the trap of subscribing to a cheaper Netflix version with less subscription fee. For instance, Infostealer. Banload is a form of Trojan that steals your information. Not only that, but it may download a malicious file in your system to corrupt it.

Phishing Campaigns

Many hackers launch different phishing campaigns to access your personal information, including login credentials and credit card details, using a fake Netflix web link.

For instance, a phishing email can mislead a recipient about the payment issue of a Netflix subscription. In return, the reader will click on the link present within the email instead of going to the original Netflix website. This way, you enter your credit card details into a fake form created by hackers to steal your information.

You are at much greater risk once the hackers have your personal data. They can sell it on the dark web or create new Netflix accounts and charge you for that.

Man-in-the-middle Attack

You are at a more significant cybersecurity threat if you stream Netflix using public Wi-Fi. It’s because many hackers attempt to position themselves in between you and the target server.

For example, hackers can hijack your session by substituting the IP address for the target website.

Not only that, but hackers can also create fake Wi-Fi networks, offering free Wi-Fi networks to people and stealing their information.

The primary purpose of this article is not to make you paranoid but to be well-informed about the cyber threats the internet is currently dealing with

However, the critical question here is how to combat these threats. Today is your lucky day as we have a solution to protect your information over the internet.

How to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats?

Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Threats

You can minimize your cybersecurity threats while streaming Netflix by using the following methods:

Strong Password

We understand it’s frustrating how the websites have different password rules, but it’s for your safety. You shouldn’t use your name, family name, or any other common passwords that hackers can guess.

A pro tip: Don’t use the same passwords to log in to different websites.

You take your time and set a stronger password. Furthermore, never share your password with anyone, not your friends or neighbours. It’s because they are also facing the same cyber threats as you are.

Use a VPN

If you want to stream Netflix in your school, office, coffee shop, or mall using public Wi-Fi, a VPN is one of the best solutions to protect your identity. It’s because it creates a private network, encrypting your Internet traffic, thus preventing hackers from stealing your information.

Not only that, but a VPN unlocks geo-restricted streaming content from different regions. It means you can watch Netflix America in the UK or any other country.

A premium VPN service offers you many benefits, including:

  • No logging of your online activity
  • Unlocks streaming content
  • Uses a high-end security protocol
  • Offers consistent download speed
  • No lag or buffering

Never Click on An Unknown Attachment or Pop-up Message

An unknown attachment, email, pop-up message, and free or subsidized subscription offers are usually malware and spyware attacks. So, take our advice and never open an email from an unknown source.

Netflix clearly states its subscription charges on the internet and doesn’t offer any discount other than the initial free trial. All the other Netflix low-cost subscription offers are nothing but fake.


Netflix is now an integral part of our daily streaming. However, the internet is an open place for everyone, including spammers and hackers. A reliable VPN service is your best option if you don’t want to fall prey to cybercrime.