Benefits of having a business VPN

Benefits of having a business VPN

Benefits of having a business VPN

Businesses are always vulnerable to cyber attacks since hackers actively try to steal off the sensitive information from the company’s server, such as employees’ data, client details, payment details, and whatnot.

This not only compromises your data but also leaves a harmful impact on the business’s customers and clients. A perfect example of this could be Facebook’s data breach, which compromised the data of billion users, and since then, people have been quitting Facebook and its subsidiary platforms.

If you do not want customers, clients, and employees to leave your business due to security and privacy concerns, it is high time to get a business VPN. If you don’t know the advantages of having a business VPN, you are at the right place.

Here we will talk about the 4 significant benefits of having a business VPN along with the expert’s VPN recommendation for your business. So let’s begin.

4 Reasons To Get A Business Vpn

1. Improvised security

If you own a small business and do not have a considerable budget to invest in IT, then opting for a business VPN is a good deal. Small or big, every business is vulnerable to hacking, but big businesses heavily invest in security infrastructure, which small businesses cannot.

VPN will help to protect your online business by keeping the attackers away since it uses a powerful and encrypted server through which all your data travels. This ensures the safety of your data without compromising the download and upload rate.

Furthermore, the primary objective of installing a VPN is anonymizing the IP addresses since all attackers first try to get the server’s IP address or the victim’s laptop/smartphone.

2. Remote Access Without Worry

If your business allows work from home or has remote employees, it is evident that they will connect to your organization’s server through their internet. But is it necessary that their connection is completely secure?

No! What if the employee is sitting in a cafe and using the free public Wi-Fi? There are various ways a hacker can steal information if you use Public wifi, and to prevent that, the only way is to install a VPN.

Some of these attacks can be silent, and you can do nothing about it once it is done. So the best thing you can do is ask your employees to install a VPN on their laptop/smartphone and consistently access the organization’s data using VPN, even if they are on their home network.

3. It Doesn’t Cost A Fortune.

If you think a few dollars are more precious than your clients, employees, and company’s data, you should check out this detailed report on the 600% rise in cyber attacks ever since the pandemic happened. VPNs is not a luxury, and it is a necessity.

And VPN companies do realize how important and valuable a VPN could be to a business.

The best VPN for business we recommend is Nordlayer, which is loaded with features to simply cyber security for businesses. There’s a lot to tell about Nordlayer, which we will be covering in the article later.

4. Maintenance Cost is 0

As aforementioned, business VPNs are affordable, and the best part is that they do not require any maintenance from your end. The VPN company takes care of the dedicated servers you have bought from them and even the shared ones.

You can raise a ticket, mail them or talk to them over the phone if you face any issues with your VPN account.

That’s the best part of having a business VPN, whereas if you invest in an IT infrastructure for your small-sized business, it’d cost a lot for maintenance.

And with this being said, it’s now time to recommend you the best business VPN, which we already teased above.

Nordlayer – The Best VPN Solution for Businesses

NordVPN has been providing VPN services since 2012, and ever since then, the company has grown in its trust among the people. However, NordVPN is best suited for individual users, not for businesses.

The company recently introduced a VPN solution for businesses, i.e., NordLayer, that helps small or big organizations keep their data safe from potential hackers.

I liked using Nordlayer due to various reasons, which I am going to share with you all.

Best Features of Nordlayer VPN


A VPN without a killswitch is incomplete. Nordlayer offers this feature which protects you from attacks by cutting off your internet if the connection with the VPN server collapses.

Third-party authentication

This feature may not be fancy but is helpful if you do not want to pile up passwords for every other account company uses. In such cases, third-party authentication helps, and Nordlayer lets you connect your NordLayer account with Azure AD, Google, and Okta.

Control Panel

The best feature of NordLayer is its control panel. The fully managed control panel gives you the freedom to create gateways, manage teams, invoices and do a lot more than required.

You can even set custom permissions for teams, members, add members in bulk. Moreover, the centralized billing feature saves you from managing hundreds of invoices. You receive just one single invoice for the entire account.

Transfer License

Another commendable feature of Nordlayer is flexible license transfer. If old employees have left the company, their Nordlayer user license can be easily transferred to a new employee.

Nordlayer – Pricing

Nord has made plans as affordable as possible and divided them into three tiers, basic, advance, and enterprise.

The basic plan starts at $7 per month for each user. You get only shared servers spread across 33 countries.

The advance plan has more features and costs $9 per month/ user with priority support and dedicated servers. These are the yearly plans, but if you choose monthly plans, you need to pay $9 per month/ user for the basic plan and $11 per month per user for the advanced plan.

The details of the enterprise plan can be requested by contacting Nord.

Final Verdict

VPN is an essential need since most of the things we do are now online. Business owners should also protect their personal information by installing a VPN in their organization and not letting any random person connect to their server.

In this article, we have discussed the 4 significant benefits of having a business VPN, along with a recommendation, i.e., Nordlayer. We listed the features and pricing of the same, but if you still have any concerns, let us know in the comment sections.