White Hat SEO: 5 Best Practices to Rank Higher In 2022  



As we dive into 2022, we need to develop familiarity with the latest SEO strategies. Moreover, these trends will allow you to maintain a strong ranking in 2022. In SEO, there are a few strategies that you can follow to rank your website. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of white hat SEO, click here for more info on white label links https://linkflow.ai/homepage/white-label-link-building/. Additionally, these strategies may also include quality content, user experience, and link building.

Ensure Quality Content 

Quality content is one of the most important factors. Google’s main focus is on high quality as far as the ranking of websites is concerned. It is best practice to create quality content while keeping keywords in consideration. As a result, this helps you to rank your website.  Furthermore, adding keywords relevant to your business will make sure that prospective customers will find what they are looking e.g. branding and/or marketing partners.  Below are some tips:

  • You may use any advanced SEO keyword research tools to search keyword search volume and competitions. SEMrush and AHREF are among the most popular tools for target keywords.
  • You may use your keywords in the title tags and meta-descriptions in addition to the URL slugs for the search engine to find your website and comprehend what your content is all about.
  • Try to ensure that you are using CTA (call to action). Also, CTA is such a section of content that encourages readers to take an action.

Adopt Ethical Link-Building Practices 

Link building is one of the oldest SEO techniques. Also, it is used to rank websites. However, you need to be careful as Google’s strict rules may penalize your website in case you are spamming, or you have low-quality links.

Moreover, if you have done your link building correctly, it may boost your website ranking.

Guest posting is also one of the best techniques in SEO. There are sites such as Forbes, Councils, HuffPost, and CMI, among others that are famous for publications and help in business growth and marketing.

Optimize All Images 

In case you want your website to load quickly, image optimization is (almost) inevitable. Tools like TinyPNG can help you in achieving an optimized image. Also, you may add your images with keywords that are related to that image. As a result, this will help search engines understand the relevancy of your images on your website with respect to the search terms better.

Improve the User Experience 

If you wish to rank your website higher on the search engine result page, we recommend you improve the speed and performance of your website, make it more secure, and optimize its architecture. Below are some tips:

  • You need to ensure that your web page loads fast. Moreover, you may assess the loading speed of your website on your desktop and your smart mobile phones. Additionally, you may use the Google PageSpeed tool (it is free).
  • Try to make your website structure as simple as you can. As a result, this will allow visitors to easily use your website. Also, easy on-site navigation may help visitors to find the desired product and services.
  • Available content on your website should be interesting and relevant. For that, you may need to update your website content regularly.

Repurpose Your Content 

Well, your primary goal is to repurpose content for better reach. As a result, this will optimize your website for different ranking factors. Following are the ways to do the repurposing:

  • You can create an infographic for your blog and post it on your website.
  • You can create a slide deck from your guest post and post it to SlideShare.
  • You can turn your blog post into a podcast. Posting these podcasts will help you repurpose your content.
  • You can create a short video tutorial for your blog and post it on YouTube to increase your traffic.
  • You can use relevant meta description in your article.

Using these techniques may seem difficult in the beginning but once you have properly planned a white hat SEO implementation strategy, its execution would not seem that difficult. What’s more, your persistent time investment in white hat SEO will pay you back big time in terms of increased revenue and ROI.