Top SEO Tools You Should Be Using



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can no longer be considered just a passing trend. The SEO industry is worth billions today. Nowadays, every entrepreneur, even the ones who aren’t technology-oriented, knows about the importance of online traffic and the role search engines play in it. 

SEO is the process that helps generate traffic on a website by improving its visibility on major search engines. SEO has evolved to be one of the most prominent tools in digital marketing over the last few years. With an ever-increasing number of websites, SEO tools can be used for ensuring best practices and making a web page more visible. If you want to make a career in digital marketing, gaining expertise in SEO is highly advantageous. You should undergo SEO training online to learn about the best SEO tools and practices. 

SEO tools are essential to make your business gain visibility on digital platforms. There are several SEO tools available that you can use to generate traffic through organic search. Of course, with so many tools available, finding out the top tools that you can use for your business can be a bit tricky. To make things easier, here are the top tools that can be used for improving local SEO, national SEO, and e-commerce SEO


It is a balanced SEO tool that can be used for understanding the SEO strategies of competitors. SEMrush is a tool that is highly recommended by leading experts of SEO. This tool can be used for evaluating the content of your site as well as that of your competitors. It provides an on-page checker tool that can be used for assessing the ranking of your website. You can also find recommendations for improving ranking. Some of the main features of the tool include:

  • Traffic Analytics for the online traffic and performance of your website
  • Organic research allows you to know the top keywords that your competitors use
  • Ability to analyze the performance of competitors
  • Informative dashboard

All in all, SEMrush is an informative and versatile tool that experts can use for SEO analytics. 


This is another tool that is highly recommended by leading SEO experts. The SEO tool provides capabilities to effectively audit websites to improve the ranking of the site. You can perform keyword research with Ahrefs. Keyword explorer can also be used to find out the competitiveness of Ahrefs. The tool checks and maintains billions of webpages and backlinks regularly for optimizing your SEO strategies. The main features include:

  • It has an extensive database that can generate numerous keywords for a query and provide a ranking history of keywords as well. 
  • It monitors outbound links, thus supporting competitive domain comparison
  • 24×7 support 
  • In-depth analysis and suggestions for keywords

Thanks to its huge database, Ahrefs is the ideal SEO tool for the analysis and reporting of backlink data. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the ideal SEO tool for companies that provide customized WordPress development services. This tool has been developed by Google and it can access your website and troubleshoot it to make sure it is Google-friendly. With Google Search Console, you can know what the users of Google think about your site. This tool can be easily integrated with WordPress. The key features of the SEO tool include:

  • Completely free of cost
  • Availability of a communication channel for reporting error on your site
  • A data source for providing data to other SEO analytical tools
  • It is a great tool for making your website Google-friendly

Given that it is a free SEO tool, Google Search Control is great for beginners for monitoring the performance of their sites. 


This is another great SEO tool that can be used for tracking the keywords that your competitors use. SpyFlu is a suitable tool for developers of eCommerce websites, digital advertisers in sales, and influence marketers. It is one of the most balanced tools that can be used by novice and expert SEO users alike. The top features of the SEO tool include:

  • Cost-effective tool
  • Simplistic UI design
  • Search the keywords of your competitors through the Keyword Spy tool 
  • Availability of Adword Advisor, which analyzes your competitor’s campaign and suggests efficient keywords accordingly.

To sum it up, SpyFu is an excellent tool for checking what keyword strategy your competitors use. 

Moz Pro

It is one of the most prolific tools today. It provides elaborate tools that can be used for auditing your site, analysis, keyword search, etc. Moz Pro helps you find issues with your website and also provides suggestions for improving it. A huge plus point of this tool is that it stays up to date to keep up with the latest algorithms that search engines use. Some of the main features of Moz Pro include:

  • An extensive range of useful tools
  • Large community support
  • Availability of a chat portal to get a prompt response from the community
  • It comes with a free toolbar that can be integrated with web browsers for checking the metrics of different sites

With such features, Moz Pro can be an effective solution to improve the traffic and ranking of your site. 

Long Tail Pro

If you want to perform keyword research, one of the most affordable tools to do it is Long Tail Pro. With this tool, you can explore less competitive keywords and generate long-tail keywords for achieving high organic traffic conversion rate. The tool is best suited for small businesses and start-ups on what to start things small. Some of the main features include:

  • Cost-effective tool for keyword searching
  • Highly efficient conversion rate
  • Support multiple projects, thus allowing the organization of campaigns for different websites
  • Data can be imported into the dashboard and competitive keywords can be exported into a file as well. 

Long Tail Pro is an affordable tool that SMEs should consider. 


All of the above tools are recommended by SEO experts. The specific SEO tool you should use depends on business requirements and type. If you use the right tool, you can have the best content on your site and improve traffic and search engine ranking.