Top Link Building Tactics to Embrace in 2020



In 2020, effectual link building tactics call for a well-planned and creative strategy to gain quality and relevant links from credible websites to provide SEO benefit and referral traffic. There are many ways to earn quality links via email outreach and writing quality content.

According to the 2020 article published on, you first need to figure out what you want before beginning a link outreach campaign. Many businesses opt for the shortcut method of mass spamming to obtain links from unreliable websites, which is a poor SEO practice and penalized by Google. Your website to be pushed deep down in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

You need to ensure that you have a list of relevant and authority sites. For example, if you are selling baby toys, links from a gardening website will not help you to boost your website SEO. Then, a link from a baby food blog will prove beneficial because the links are relevant and help your brand to reach out to a new audience. The last thing to do is looking for websites that do not entertain linking. Therefore, here are the top link-building tactics that you must adopt in 2020:

Focus on resource pages

When it comes to a resource page, it reaches out to content considered significant for their targeted customers. Let us understand it in detail. Unlike a link roundup, a resource page is a one-time update or a one-time web page that connects to evergreen content. Now evergreen content means a blog that is informative, engaging and solves the daily problems of your targeted audience.

The key differences between link roundup and resource pages are:

  • As far as a link roundup pitch is concerned, it happens before a blog writer pens the post, requesting a link for his or her forthcoming piece of writing.
  • A resource pitch, on the contrary, happens only after a blogger creates the post, requesting relevant websites to integrate the content to their web page.
  • Roundup pitches are more effective than resource pitching because, in a roundup, you are providing a relevant link to the other party when they are looking for the same. Resource pitches mean asking another person to include the content, which means the other party, will need to do some work. Then, that does not mean resource pitching will not work. After all, they are getting quality content that matters much in boosting your SEO campaign in 2020. Content is king, remember.

You might be wondering how you find opportunities related to the resource page. What you need to do is look for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Then, it is imperative to look for relevant opportunities; else pitching will be a complete waste of your time and effort.

You will need to secure a particular link, say, free web resources for learning digital marketing. You will have to look for some ways to get in touch with the person via social media and email, though email is the preferred method. You should convince them via a great incentive together with a strong value plan.

You can make an offer to share the content on email or social media to generate new and quality traffic to their website.

Persuade them that your content is unique from the others. Then, you should write an elaborate and updated blog so that you can live up to your promise. You can also repair a broken link. If you are not sure how to do all this, consult with any professional SEO services near you.

Embrace guest posting

In 2020, guest posting is the best tactic to gain relevant and quality links from authority sites. Then, you will need to pen 1500-2000 words content that is unique, has new information that isn’t published elsewhere on the web, and offers the targeted audience some value. It means that the post should answer some of the difficult questions readers ask or solve their daily problems.

The guest post should also offer SEO benefits and help in driving considerable traffic, boost brand awareness, and develop healthy relationships with the major influencers in the industry. Again, guest posting means you need to churn out content, in a consistent manner.

How do you find guest posting opportunities? Well, search for information on Google, Bing, or for that matter Duck Duck Go.

There are many ways to find guest posting opportunities. These include pitching authority and relevant blogs. If you are new to guest posting, always rely on Google or Bing to find related websites that accept quality content. When you build your credibility, you will gain the ability to pitch high-quality sites, especially the big, credible, and authority websites with a huge, active audience base. Then, only your link building strategies will fetch you fruitful results. There is no point in earning links from poor, irrelevant websites.

If you are fretting over securing a link, then worry not. Once you have spotted an opportunity, you will need to contact that individual via social media sites or email, the latter method is better. Do not forget to send some links to a couple of your best guest posts because credibility matters in 2020 if you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level.

Build broken links

You will not like to send your visitors to a web page that does not exist anymore. That is a poor user experience and affects your SEO efforts adversely. You can find broken link building opportunities in many ways. These include:

  • Check every web page for broken links.
  • If you find broken links, pitch informing about the same. If you do not find any broken link on a page, pitch the same as a resource page.

Securing broken links is not that difficult and it has a very high rate of success, five times more than resource pages, to be precise. You will need to send an email pitch and let the other party know to spot the link as well as a pitch to replace the link.

Final words

Adopt the link building tactics in 2020 to make your SEO efforts pop. After all, you need quality traffic, conversions, and sales from your website.