Optimizing search engine ranking and results is imperative for any online business. So, if you have a webpage and you want to enhance the traffic that it receives and quadruple conversion through it, then you’ve landed at the right place.

We will discuss the importance and advantages of embedding Sites in online directories and explore the complicated yet beneficial realm of web directories. *This article also includes an additional citation of some of the best Site-directories available online, so let’s get straight into it!

Submitting on Web-directories:

Submitting on web-directories is essential to drastically increase the amount of traffic that is directed to your webpage. The process of submitting online is time consuming but promises great results. Especially in terms of optimizing your Google Search Engine Ranking and creating credibility online. Web-directories act similarly to phone directories, except you submit web-addresses and links or embed them externally in order to increase traffic and landing flow. Some of the best advantages of submitting to online directories have been listed below.


  • Increase Traffic to your webpage. Google identifies your webpage through the amount of traffic it receives. Increasing traffic to your domain naturally earns you a higher rank in the Google search engine page.
  • Increasing traffic paired with strategic web design increases web-conversion. You can generate a higher amount of revenue from your blog/web/page/site through back linking and embedding links on external sources.
  • Submitting on online directories is absolutely affordable. A lot of these directories allow you to submit for free, while other might charge you for it. Choose wisely!
  • Boosts brand visibility online.

Essential tips for an efficient back linking:

Practicing the following essential tips while submitting to online web directories, can improve your brand visibility and help ensure maximum benefits.

  • Submit to directories that are indexed under highly competitive listings.
  • Scrutinize the directories before submission to avoid listing or back linking on spam sites.
  • Always prefer quality links over quantity.
  • Make submission on a professionally curated directory.
  • Submit under meticulously chosen categories.
  • While submitting, use essential keywords and hooks in titles and descriptions.
  • Prefer submitting manually over automated softwares. Even though this process can be time consuming, however it would ensure that you are submitting to a quality directory of your own choice. Automated directories make multiple submissions and as a result you can’t keep a track of your listings.

Things to avoid while making online submissions on Site-directories:

  • You should never submit or link yourself in directories that require any reciprocal linking, banners or ads on your webpage. This can damage your search engine optimization and ranking.
  • Avoid submitting on spam sites. Scrutinize thoroughly to attest the credibility of the site before submission.
  • You should avoid submitting similar URLs on the same site.
  • Ensure that you are submitting your links on a reliable site. A bad listing can have adverse effects on your brand visibility in the virtual pool.

Online Web-directories:

You can choose from an array of free/paid online directories. Some of the best directories have been listed below in order to help you achieve the optimization of your search page ranking and results.

  • BOTW
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp
  • Craigslist
  • Google My business
  • About Us
  • com
  • Blogarama
  • BingPlaces
  • Four Square
  • Submission Web Directory
  • Diolead
  • Uk Internet Directory
  • Jet Jaws
  • All Free Things
  • Travel Tourism Directory
  • Free PR Web Directory

Submitting on high quality directories ensures a trusted yet quality flow of traffic to your webpage. This is highly essential to optimize your search engine ranking. So, what are you waiting for – sign up and submit now and reap maximum benefits out of your online business.