How to Monitor Your SEO Backlinks



Backlinks are essential to SEO. It’s a link created when one site is linked to another. They are also known as incoming links or inbound links. It’s vital as it increases your website’s search visibility and ranking position. 

Why Backlinks Are Important

Backlinks are valuable for increasing SEO ranking or search visibility as it represents an increase of confidence coming from one website to another. Backlinks are gestures to search engines which verify your site’s contents. 

Imagine having one or more inbound links to your website? Search engines can conclude that your contents are best for linking. Therefore, it surfaces on SERP. Backlinks then provide positive effects to your website’s ranking or visibility. 

Link building is an important component of off-site SEO, as it’s the backbone of SEO and a massive influence on site ranking. It takes effort and time to build good backlinks. 

How To Monitor Your Backlinks

Monitoring your backlinks is as vital as building your site’s visibility or increasing site ranking. Analyzing the quality of your site’s backlinks with a link tracker allows you to easily inspect whether an inbound or incoming link is of good quality or not. Backlinks can provide a great deal to your site or damage your site’s reputation.  

Search engines like Google have various factors considered when ranking websites: site speed, social signals, content length, keywords, and backlinks. Backlinks coming from authority sites allow your website to rank higher and increase traffic. 

There are effective ways on how you can monitor your site’s backlinks. 

  • Manual Backlink Monitoring

Manual backlink monitoring is time-consuming, and let’s you do all the workloads. You’ll be hands-on with search after search and adding links and collected data to your spreadsheets, including essential information. 

  • Automated Backlink Monitoring

Automated backlink monitoring is the complete opposite of manual tracking, not just with workloads but also with the relatively fast approach of finding and analyzing your backlinks’ quality. All you have to do is invest with the perfect tool to simplify all their workloads for you. 

The smart system will automatically monitor backlinks and allows you to schedule a time based on your preference. Automated backlink tracker can even show how your competitors are working by providing reports and complete data analysis. 

That way, you can easily and instantly plan and optimize backlink strategies. Backlink monitoring trackers provide the most relevant and ranked backlinks you can use to maximize your strategy. 

  • Using Premium Tools When Monitoring Backlinks

The most effective way to monitor SEO backlinks (quality and relevance) is to use premium quality link building tools. These tools are strategically developed to create a straightforward approach to backlink monitoring, less the hassle. 

Software for backlinking doesn’t just monitor your backlink status. It opens the door to check how the competition works best to help you plan your next approach better and increase your traffic, site ranking, or website visibility, there are many sites like LinkLifting who can help in link building which helps you to increase your ranking and traffic. 

Though you will need to invest with these tools, they surely work and cut the long process, allowing you to increase your site’s conversion rate or ROI through well-planned SEO contents and inbound links. 

The Importance of Monitoring Backlinks

Knowing the benefits of monitoring your backlinks allows you to improve business. 

  • You can easily analyze which marketing strategy works and not.
  • It allows you to connect with your target audience effectively.
  • You can determine the strength of your site and share this data with your clients. 
  • You can create an effective and stronger approach to your marketing strategies. 
  • It helps you enhance your SEO strategies.
  • Backlinks increase conversion rate and ROI. 
  • It reduces your trial and error process when checking for high-quality backlinks.


Finding the most excellent tools for effectively monitoring your backlinks’ quality has stunning benefits on your website visibility or ranking position. Whether you work old-school or through automated methods, watching your backlinks is crucial to your success.

Monitoring backlink is time-consuming and needs total focus (especially if you’re doing the manual method). Still, with a reliable and highly effective tool, this task is lighter and allows you to focus on more important factors.