How do I measure SEO success for my employment law firm? 



Marketing for Employment Attorneys has come a long way, specifically in terms of how a business brands itself through its own website. One of the top ways in which a company does so is by using search engine optimization (SEO). If you run an employment law firm and think that your online image can use some work, it’s a good idea to turn to an expert for SEO services. After all, studies have found that the Internet is the number one resource people use for finding an attorney. Once you have been receiving these services for a while, you’ll want to determine how well they are working for your law firm. The following are aspects you can look at to see if it’s successful. 

The Most Visible Content 

The content you have “above the fold”, or most easily viewable where the reader doesn’t even have to scroll yet to see much of this information, is incredibly important. This should include what you do/provide, who you are exactly, why they should choose you (a short blurb that hits on the crucial points that you go into detail with elsewhere), and a means to contact you. 

If you’re unable to work a full SEO campaign into your budget, you can have someone in-house write up a few pages. If you do opt for hiring a marketing company for this purpose, you might choose just a few of the aspects that would be a part of this package. It is necessary to make sure that it’s a professional, user-friendly website that looks nice. Don’t settle for sub-par when you know you can get something not so advanced for a decent price. You can always upgrade it in the future. 


The Google algorithm is made up of a ton of factors and among the most important are back-links. This is brought about when a third-party website creates a link to your site. It tells Google that they trust your site and it’s basically a popularity contest. If you have several websites link to your own, it boosts your popularity rating with Google. 

Now, if you have high-ranking sites linking to your site, this gives you a greater level of street credibility. Topical relevance also plays a role here. If that third-party website is closely related to the legal field (or even another law website) it will be more effective. It also helps if you get links from employment-related websites. The great thing with SEO is that as soon as you go “live” with this type of content, it can have nearly immediate results. 

Click-Through Rates 

Those search engine results that are at the top are the ones that have the highest click-through rates. Click-through rates mean the ratio of users who click on a certain link compared to the total number of users who view that page, advertisement, or email. 

The ranking on search engines like Google make a big difference in if users will visit your page and, in some instances, if they’ll even see it in our fast-paced world. Some law firms will pay for something like Google AdWords to get pay-per-click advertising so that their listing will skip to the top of the results. This may seem unfair but if you’re able to spend the extra for this tool it can be worthwhile. 

Even for those employment law firms and others who don’t go this route, it’s possible to rank in the highest results. SEO is an entirely different model for marketing. A major technique you can use is keyword research to find out which keywords are typed in most frequently to locate a lawyer in your field. You should get the details on which are most relevant down to the least relevant and then use them accordingly. Then, you can watch to see what kind of an effect this has on your search rankings overall. 

Potential Clients Taking the Big Leap 

Want to know what’s the biggest indicator of your SEO success? When people reach out to ask about your services from the contact us form on your site or give you a call and say they found you online, you know you’ve “made it”. It takes a great deal to “sell” your law firm and convince people it could be right for their needs among the rest of the competition in your area. It’s most important that you fill your website with informative articles and blog posts that not only lend to your search engine ranking and give potential clients confidence in your expertise. 

As you can see, it will benefit your employment law firm to set up a website with SEO that is focused and chock-full of the right keywords. Proceed from the basic SEO services however you want and what makes sense for your business. Marketing for Employment Attorneys has similarities to marketing for other types of businesses, but it’s important to know how it differs.