Hiring the best SEO agency in Singapore

SEO Agency

SEO Agency

While earlier most retailers, service providers in Singapore only had shops for selling their products or services, increasingly businesses are developing their own website, as an alternative marketing channel for the business. Many customers are also using the internet to find suitable suppliers or service providers. The businesses are aware that most customers are using the search engines for finding the right service provider or supplier. Hence they would like to improve their ranking in the search engine results so that they can get more visitors from the search engines to their website, increasing leads, orders.

However, most of these businesses are selling different products ranging from home appliances to cakes, flowers or providing services like accounting, plumbing, carpentry. These businesses do not have specialized staff who will understand the algorithms of the major search engines, modify the website and make other changes required. So it is better to hire the services of an agency which specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the ranking of the business website in the search engines. There are a large number of SEO agencies in Singapore and some tips on choosing the best SEO agency in Singapore are provided below.


One of the most important factors which determines the success of the SEO agency is the strategy which it will use to improve the ranking of their client. Since businesses are spending a fairly large amount on SEO services monthly, it is important to find out what kind of strategy they use to improve the ranking of their client website. Some of the SEO agencies will clearly specify what is included in their different SEO packages, while others keep their strategy for improving ranking confidential focusing on the results. The business can choose the right package based on its priorities.

Tools used

For each business website there are a large number of keywords related to the products and services which it is selling. Checking the ranking of the business website in search engines is fairly time consuming, especially since the search engines are changing their ranking often for some keywords. Hence it is important that the SEO agency should have tools and software which allow the agency to quickly check the ranking of the client website and its competitors in search engines for the different keywords. The tools should also generate reports, which can be analyzed to make changes if required.

Key performance indicators (KPI).

Though the SEO agency may use the best techniques for improving their client website ranking, most reputed agencies will never be able to guarantee ranking since the search engines are always changing their parameters for ranking. Before placing the order, the business should discuss the KPI with the SEO agency, which will be used to measure the effectiveness of the service. Though most agencies will usually show some improvement in the ranking, the increase in the number of visitors is usually a KPI for well established websites. For new websites, ranking for some keywords is typically a KPI.

Business size

The right SEO agency for a business also depends on its size. Some of the larger SEO agencies may be highly rated by their clients, however they may not accept smaller businesses and startups who cannot afford to spend more money on SEO. Usually well established companies and brands will hire the services of the larger SEO agencies, who have the staff and systems in place for ensuring ranking in search. On the other hand, small startups and businesses will find it better to work with smaller reputed SEO agencies who are more affordable and offer personalized services

Industry sector

It is also advisable to choose a SEO agency based on the industry sector of the client. For each industry sector, there are many keyword terms and aspects which are unique to the sector. If the SEO agency is working with a business in the sector for the first time, the staff will take some time to understand the terms, factors which affect the number of leads, orders which are generated, the behavior of the internet users who are interested in purchasing the products or services. It will also easier to understand the content which is required to improve the ranking of the client.


Another factor which determines the choice of a SEO agency is the budget of the business. Large businesses have the systems in place and staff to accept bigger orders, so they can spend more on SEO, and can hire a larger SEO agency who will charge higher rates since they have higher overheads. Smaller businesses, startups are not making a lot of money, so they cannot spend much money on SEO, so it is better to work with smaller SEO agencies. Most of the smaller SEO agencies will clearly specify the amount they will charge for the services they provide on their website.




The search engines are always changing their algorithm to provide better results for the internet users. The search engines also inform webmasters how they are changing the algorithm So to ensure that their client websites retain their ranking in the search results, the SEO agency should also make relevant changes for their client website. Hence it is important to check how the SEO agency is planning to make changes in their SEO strategy for the client, how quickly they implement the changes in the algorithm for their client to retain the ranking of the website

Payment terms

Since the SEO charges are usually substantial for a smaller business, it is important to check the payment terms before taking a decision. Some of these agencies will charge their clients only after the desired results like ranking improvement are obtained, while other agencies will charge more initially for a few months when they have to do most of the work for improving the website search ranking. After the desired search ranking is achieved the SEO agency will usually charge a smaller amount monthly to maintain the ranking of the website since less effort is required, unless there are major changes in the search engine algorithms or competition.