8 SEO Tactics for Your VoIP Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in business today since greater online visibility translates to more revenue. By improving the search engine rankings, companies improve the chances of organic website visits, which help generate more leads.

Though all businesses invest in SEO services, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers find it particularly challenging to improve their rankings due to a number of reasons. Not only do most VoIP business providers have very little content on their website, but sharing too many details about clients is also a strict no-no due to confidentiality issues. Moreover, such VoIP businesses rarely disclose their unique features fearing that their competitors might catch on with them. This causes many VoIP providers to lose out on business due to low  SEO rankings.

31% of all businesses today use VoIP technology today. To make the lives of such businesses and VoIP service providers easier, we have created a list of SEO tactics that will help them improve the website rankings and popularity. So here a list of tactics VoIP businesses must follow:

  1. Pay Attention To Keywords: SEO is a continuous process that deals extensively with ‘keywords.’ Websites and pages are mostly linked to keywords, which are words typed on the search engine to look for something. So if a user searches for “VoIP services in New York,” search engines automatically pull up the most relevant and optimized information first. Thus for any VoIP business, it is imperative that they know the main keywords used by their target audiences to search for their services. As mentioned in our previous blog, a website’s content plays a vital role in its SEO rankings. Hence, VoIP providers need to ensure their content is relevant to future buyers and is discoverable by inserting proper keywords in their website content.
  2. On-page Optimization: On-page optimizations are usually one of the primary SEO tactics used by VoIP service providers. Among the 200+ factors that determine a website’s rankings, on-page SEO optimization is the most crucial to decide on your search engine ranks. It ensures that search engine bots (or ‘web spiders’ as they are fondly called) can easily track a website’s content, topics covered, and the keywords for which a particular webpage is shown in the search results.
  3. Going the extra mile: All search engines aim to provide users with the aptest and relevant information. Thus, they favor websites that have something more to give. Hence search engines prefer more complex facts and figures as compared to the same old content that is being restructured and rewritten in a thousand different ways. Therefore, it is wise to do a bit more research to add value to your website content besides keyword insertion and on-page optimization.
  4. Real-life Instances: Search engine giants like Google have said time and again that the most ‘real,’ slice-of-life and factual content is highly desirable to them. Since search engine companies prefer factual data, providers of business phone number must provide real facts and figures to make their pages more useful for visitors. You can buy google voice number to make sure your business has one listed, which will help the SEO in the long run and also gets you a safe phone number to use. Putting real-life experiences also improves the credibility of your business and shows that your business is not just made out of words but actions and that you have actually made a difference. So go on and showcase those impressive figures and testimonials on your website to get more attention from search engines and prospects.
  5. An SEO-friendly URL: There is nothing better than having a URL that gives visitors an idea about your business. Even before users click a search result, your URL provides a hint about your services. Ideally, the focused keyword must be placed in the Domain Name of the URL. However, if that is not possible, you must try to place the keyword after the domain name like domainname.com/keyword.

If your page has good images related to VoIP, it is important to give them a proper name. Search engine bots have no way of ‘recognizing’ images. They discover images by the names given to them. Thus several VoIP businesses use a feature called Image Alt Text to inject their targeted keywords into images.

  1. Keywords in the headings, body & images: Another crucial SEO tactic that most businesses swear by is the proper insertion of keywords in the headings & body. For optimum results, it is best to avoid unnecessary stuffing of keywords and to maintain a healthy density.
  2. Citations: As mentioned above, search engines love facts. However, adding random facts without authentication can do you more harm than good. Therefore, it is best to add the source and citations for all the information added on your website. This makes all the information added factually thorough and creates backlinks that improve search results further.
  3. Structured Data Injection: After taking care of your primary SEO requirements, it is now time to enrich the pages with rich snippets or markup data. This shows preliminary information about your services on the search engine results page itself. You can either inject a code directly in the URL or use Webmaster tools to highlight the necessary information on the results pages. You can also submit your sitemap through webmaster tools, causing search engines to index your web content more frequently and taking account of the changes made faster.

The above SEO strategies are a great way to improve the traffic on your website. To stay aware of how your website’s visitors interact with your content, you can also set up Google Analytics on your website.

In today’s time, there are also many other ways to drive more traffic to your site. Social media is a free tool that you can use to gain more followers and leads. You can create different content and media posts on your social channels to garner attention and praise from interested buyers. However, your VoIP business must have a proper strategy of creating, publishing, revamping, and distributing the right content through suitable mediums.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, hundreds of other factors contribute to your website’s overall SEO rankings. Thus, if you follow the above steps religiously for months and still do not get the desired results, it would be prudent to get in touch with a professional SEO strategist. These experts evaluate several components of a website and help businesses understand where they are going wrong.

The VoIP market globally is expanding aggressively, and many new players are joining this sector each day. If you are already in business and have the right resources, it would be unwise not to optimize your website for faster discovery. With the pandemic in full swing, VoIP services are almost becoming necessary for companies in recent times with no signs of slowing down. Thus if you are a VoIP service provider, reseller, or distributor looking to stand out from the herd, search engine optimization is your best choice to get the attention and business you need.

About the author:

Chetan Sharma is a professional digital marketer and blogger at heart. He owns multiple educational blogs like Selina Concise and many others.