6 Enterprise SEO Strategies & Tactics that work like Magic!



Over a few years, the SEO game has changed by leaps and bounds.

From advanced algorithms to voice searches to machine learning – the list goes on…

But the “one” question remains the same, “How to improve my SEO strategy?”

Hence, here we are with the top 6 Enterprise SEO Strategies & Tactics for your online business that’ll work like nothing less than magic (literally)!

Let’s find it out!

  1. Spur Rankings of Keywords Within Striking Distance

Most people target the keywords that position between 1 to 5.

But the game has changed!

To notch-up your SEO strategy, target keywords that rank in the striking distance ( position between 1 to 20).

Targeting keywords that rank at a striking distance are like sitting ducks.

If you use them smartly, they can improve your website performance and are the easiest to find the best opportunities.


  • Mounting traffic.
  • Higher conversion rate.
  • Improved visibility.
  1. Boost your content!

Once you’ve figured out the targeted keywords at the striking distance, the next task is to develop content.

It is not just any content, but “QUALITY” content, which gives your brand “identity” by helping the readers.

 In short: Stop selling and start helping!


  • Better User experience.
  • Improve engagement metrics.
  • Superior Domain authority.
  • Improve visibility and more traffic.
  1. Be a content-generating machine!

It’s a no brainer that content is the king – especially during the early stage of brand “awareness.”

Content doesn’t necessarily mean “only” text or words.

It can include everything, including videos, pictures, and so many things.

If you want your business to be successful and win in the SERPs, you must develop “Quality” content based on your audience’s intent.


  • Better user engagement
  • Reader trustability.
  • Improved traffic.
  • Higher conversion rate.

Tip: Longer (over 1200 words) and engaging contents are more valuable. However, if your content is short, make it resourceful-something that provides value to the readers.

  1. Featured Snippet Optimisation

By now, we all know snippets are inevitable!

They are tied to the answers for voice search and appear before the organic results – giving you maximum exposure and traffic.

Having a featured snippet strategy can double the engagement rate and generate more traffic to your website.

So it is one of the “must” for SEO strategies and tactics.

Tip: NEVER give away all the information at once! Always give your reader a reason to come back to your website to learn more.

  1. Internal and External linking

Don’t take us as outdated!

The importance of internal and external linking is still ruling, and you should take full advantage of it (and we say it with utmost confidence),

Valuable internal linking helps Google understand your website and locate pages that add worth, but you can also control pages your content links to and the anchor text that links to another page.

High-quality external links improve organic performance and enhance the authority of your website.

Make sure to use a DA checker to ensure the link is on a high domain authority site!

  1. Use structured data!

Last but not least is structured data!

They help to dress-up your content and enable Google to understand your content better.

A decorated structured content increases the chances of showing up in “rich” search results, getting more clicks and traffic.

What else do you need?

Final thoughts!

No matter what others say- SEO is not tough ( only if you know the right tactics and tricks).

Thanks to the SEO service provider for sharing these priceless SEO strategies and tactics.

Google algorithm is indeed getting smarter over time, but so is your SEO strategy!

Hope you find this article helpful!

Thanks for reading!