5 Tips To Start With SEO On a New Website  

The world of SEO is overwhelming and daunting especially when you’re new to it. On scratch it appears to be a simple concept, as you dive deeper into it, you see that it never ends and might take years to master.

The same is the case for new websites too. They can take a while to gain traction and make an authoritative place on the SERP. The new changes to the algorithms and Google core updates make it even harder for the newer domains to get ahead.

SEO is not only challenging, but it also takes a while to reflect the results. And it takes even longer for new websites to capture the attention of Google’s indexing bots and start climbing. So what should be the strategy of new website owners? Let’s dive into it.

Setup Website

Setup Website

Effective and Concise Domain Name

If you have not purchased a domain name yet, ensure that you purchase one that aligns well with your brand. It should either be the name of your business, or something that gives a decent idea about your products and services to your target audience.

Secondly, the domain name should be concise, simple, and something that stays in the mind of the visitors. One of the great examples is The Penny Hoarder– a personal finance blog with a catchy name that you might never forget. In addition to that, you get an idea of what type of content you’ll find here.

And as surprising as it may sound, the domain name is also an essential ranking factor. The search engine crawlers analyze your domain name to find out what your website is about. If possible try to include your keyword in the domain name.

And finally, you can use an advanced domain overview tool to see how other domains in your industry are performing. This will help you in making an informed decision about the domain you want to move forward with.

Plan Your Site’s Architecture

No matter how small or new your site is, it must have a logical architecture. Most of the websites on the internet follow a pyramid structure– where the homepage is on the top, followed by the most important page. After these pages come sub-categories, individual product pages, and a page for articles.

When your website has a logical structure, it becomes easier for Google to index it as it understands your website’s cornerstones. It also ensures that your most important pages are indexed first, meaning it reduces internal ranking competition.

Moreover, your visitors will find it easier to navigate your website when it has a logical architecture. This helps in improving the user experience too. The easier it is for your visitors to navigate through the site, the more are the chances of you ranking higher. If you don’t understand how a site’s architecture works, you can get help from an SEO company with expertise in this.

Site’s Architecture

Site’s Architecture

Mandatory Keyword Research

There’s no one who knows your product, services, and overall business better than you. It’s your responsibility to gather all the relevant terms that best describe your business. Your thinking should be like a potential customer, think about what are their problems that you offer a solution to.

You can try entering the primary keywords in Google’s search bar and from there you can gather the auto-completed phrases. You can use these phrases to understand how your customers think and then try to target them based on this.

If you want your website to rank quickly, it is essential that you’re sorted with your keyword strategy in the initial SEO campaigns. There are various keyword research tools available in the market that can provide you with keyword suggestions, search query information, competition, and other useful data for the keywords relevant to your business.

Earn Links

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. It is a valuable indicator for Google’s algorithms that indicates which website has relevant and important pieces of content. However, it is not about getting tons of backlinks in a short span of time. It’s about getting quality backlinks that help you build an authoritative image in the industry.

Here are certain things that you can do to earn quality backlinks:

  • Create content that serves a purpose. It should be useful for the visitor so that they want to share it by linking it to their content.
  • Your promotion strategy should be to target people who will find the content useful and will link to it. 
  • You have to build relationships with influencers of your industry and convince them that your content is worth sharing with their audience too.
Earn Links

Earn Links

Prioritize a Mobile-friendly Design

The number of people who are accessing websites via mobile devices is only increasing with time, and there’s no stopping of that. Around 56% of the traffic on the top websites is generated by mobile visitors. The numbers will keep rising for a significant amount of time. And it would be foolish to leave those potential customers out in the cold.

Moreover, Google has now come out as a savior for those huge sets of people. It has launched the mobile-first index. This index prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly while ranking them and is one of the keys to success as a professional websites.

Launch Your New Website Today

SEO is a complicated field. No one gets it right on their newly launched website. It can be daunting in the beginning, but with time you’ll see the results coming to support your website. If you can’t do it all alone, you can take the help of an SEO company. However, it is still important that you know the basics. The above tips will surely set your yet-to-be or newly launched website on the right path.