5 PPC KPI’s You Need to be Tracking



When a business decides to make a website that focuses on consumer traffic and getting profit through that website, it must use the PPC method. You can also use SEO and use an SEO company NYC. Some business needs to know and understand how the PPC needs to be implemented. The easiest way to do that is to follow the KPI’s that will help you do your business, even more, user-friendly.

In this article, you will find out about the 5 PPC KPIs that you need to know as a business that will help your track your performance and the output of your return.

What is PPC and KPI’s?

Put, a PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click formula that most advertising agencies and websites use. This means that whenever someone clicks on the ad, the publisher is paid by the advertiser. This is most beneficial for gaining traffic on your website and making sure that it is seen.

A KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, and they help figure out your website’s performance outcome. This means that to see the result of progress or profit on your website, you will need KPI’s to inform you of that information.

The 5 PPC KPI’s That You Need To be Tracking

Here are the five essential PPC KPI’s that you need. They are as follows:


Clicking on something is how you start your research. Because of this, clicking is the most important KPI. Through this KPI, you can measure how successful your PPC campaign is going. This KPI measures how many clicks you get on your ad or your searches. The more, the better!


The Click-Through Rate or CTR denotes the number of times viewers clicked on your ad, and the total number of times the ad was shown. This means that you can track down the percentage of how much progress your ad is doing and on which forum. The higher your CTR, the better your campaign is performing.


CPC or Cost Per Click is more so dependent on the advertisers. They are aware of how much they want to pay, and there is competition in the market. CPC helps figure out how much the advertisers have paid for your campaign.


CVR or Conversion Rate is the main PPC hiring requirement. For most PPC campaigners, it is about the conversion rate. This shows how much of the consumer number have installed the add, clicked on it, or converted it for a specific action.

Lifetime Value

LTV or Lifetime Value is basically how long the campaign retains a consistent consumer intake. This is trying to figure out the net profit that the campaign will receive through the relationship between the customer and the drive.

With these 5 PPC KPI’s in mind, it is necessary for you, a business owner, to know how to implement and measure your PPC so that you can collect revenue and profit from your campaign, so contact our marketing agency NJ.