2020 Advanced SEO Methods to Achieve Success

Advanced search engine optimization can be viewed in various perspectives in the online marketing realm for much advanced technical SEO updates to longer and more data-driven content to intricate link building and PR programs for more domain authority. These things are just some of the massively different SEO practices but are still considered high-level advanced SEO. Let’s examine closely some of the advanced SEO topics available today in the world of search and search engines, particularly, Google.

Understanding Advanced SEO first

In essence, advanced SEO is a term used to refer to a step beyond the most basic levels of SEO that is offered either automatically, free, or in an incredibly simple way without any technical knowledge or methods. Another way to look at expert Las Vegas SEO is to see it as an enterprise-level SEO, which means campaigns that complex, huge, and have a more extensive set of resources necessary for a huge business or company. Advanced SEO can also mean more technical and code-heavy activities in contrast to content and keywords. It’s a type of SEO work that is within the lines of well-planned and complex online strategy, which makes it more advanced than a basic SEO campaign.

5 ways Advanced SEO aid sites to rank better

Schema markup or structured data

Content is still king as it remains to be the top-ranking factor in SEO. However, what’s new is the way search engines crawl and analyze the content. Over recent years, they have stepped up their game at understanding the user’s intent in hopes of providing the most relevant results. Structured data markup and schema assist your website in relaying that information to search engines and crawlers, but in a quicker and more organized manner. As such, search engines get to understand your content better and website as a whole. Thanks to the schema and structured data, online users can have direct answers to their questions or see relevant rich snippets. In short, this advanced technique can be a huge help for your SEO.

URL formatting and restructuring

Particularly for huge websites, URL formatting is crucial since crawling and quick indexing play huge roles. That’s why maintaining a standard URL format is helpful and can even provide benefits like 1) fewer technical issues, 2) increased user readability, and 3) supported user intent, resulting in more clicks.

Redirects and appropriate directories

Websites grow or change as time passes by. Likewise, search engines also undergo the same things. That’s why it is essential to check and identify whether or not your URLs are SEO-friendly. Other considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to URLs and technical SEO are:

  • Proper redirects
    Make sure to use only 301 redirects so you won’t have any bounce back. Doing this will redirect URL to URL for every web page. It’s also better to remove redirect chains.
  • Up-to-date sitemap
    Establishing a new XML sitemap accompanied with proper data should be one of your top priorities
  • Updated links
    Your internal and external links must be intact so you can maintain link juice and internal linking.


Search engine optimization methods that make use of processes directly involving javascript resources are all under advanced SEO activities. Javascript SEO is gradually becoming a piece of modern-day search engineering, which allows you to boost the ranking of your pages through better javascript code and implementations. When properly managed, javascript can bring lots of good things when it comes to your SEO. For instance, practices and processes such as react node JS, isomorphic rendering, and angularJS can boost your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Nonetheless, you also have to do your part, which means ensuring that your site is properly rendered, your relevant content is crawlable, and you’ve gotten rid of latency obstructions.

Latest algorithm updates

Perhaps one of the starkest differences between a basic SEO campaign and an enterprise SEO campaign with an advanced SEO plan is the daily monitoring using and advanced SEO or analytics agency. In other words, any change in your site traffic, conversions, revenue, or even potential adjustments via algorithmic shifts are instantly determined and accounted for, it not instantly resolved before they even become an issue. Truth is, there’s no foolproof plan to being prepared for all Google’s algorithm changes. However, if you work with an analytics firm, then all the better. They will provide you with the best knowledge and strategy in dealing with any sort of new issues the come with the SEO and organic traffic world.

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