Thunder VPN Review 2020

Thunder VPN Review

Thunder VPN Review

Thunder VPN company is famous for its anti-virus software, but it is a comparatively new player in the VPN industry. In this review of Thunder VPN Secureline VPN, we’ll have a better look at if Thunder VPN is as good as advertised.

Thunder VPN provides its VPN support under the brand name Thunder VPN. It premiered in 2014 and is currently located in the Czech Republic.

As well as the essential VPNs, Thunder VPN relies on just 55 servers in 34 countries to tunnel subscriber connections to the Internet. The USA has the highest number of servers (16), along with other nations, have an average of 1-2 servers.

Users can download Thunder VPN Secureline VPN, and it is on different popular operating platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is possible to connect up to 5 devices to one Thunder VPN accounts when you subscribe to their plan.

Thunder VPN Features

In its adventure in the VPN market, Thunder VPN seems to be earning points with the several features of Thunder VPN Secureline. This is what we have found striking with Thunder VPN.

1. Bank-grade security

When Thunder VPN claims that it provides bank-grade safety, it usually means that it is protected by AES-256 encryption. Without going into detail, the AES-256 is super secure encryption that is technically undecipherable even with a supercomputer.

AES-256 is the same encryption used by government and military agencies to protect your data from being decrypted by malicious parties. When you connect to a Thunder VPN server, you may enjoy the same protection.

In addition to using the most robust encryption, Thunder VPN Secureline VPN tunnel data through OpenVPN and IPSec protocol. The OpenVPN protocol operates on Windows and Android platforms. It uses the OpenSSL library to provide the necessary encryption without sacrificing speed.

Thunder VPN users Mac and iOS devices will trust the IPSec protocol, which can be developed for optimum efficiency on Apple devices.

Any hacker who intrudes on your apparatus is going to have an impossible job to break the safety of Thunder VPN.

2. Best browsing speed

With a VPN means channelling data from your device to a new server before connecting to the Internet. But extra encryption and decryption don’t mean you need to experience a significant speed reduction when using a VPN.

Thunder VPN Secureline VPN boasts decent link rate despite its limited number of servers. You may hardly see a decrease in speed when surfing or streaming movies throughout Thunder VPN Secureline.

Here’s a fast comparison of internet connection rate before and after connecting to Thunder VPN.

This is how Thunder VPN works when connected to the US Server.

It is safe to say that Thunder VPN Secureline VPN stands firm against other leading VPNs when it has to do with connection speed.

3. No DNS leaks

DNS leaks are a notorious problem confronted by some VPNs. It is a glitch that exposes the IP address of a device even if it is connected to the VPN.

In other words, your identity and location are unknowingly exposed, and you’re a vulnerable target despite using a VPN.

Fortunately, Thunder VPN does not experience DNS leakage problems.

To check for DNS escape problems, use to look at the IP address before and after connecting to Thunder VPN server.

It should have a distinct IP address that’s displayed after connecting to a VPN server in another nation.

4.Hide IP

There are lots of variables that may influence the stability of a VPN connection. Sometimes, the connection to the VPN can be abruptly interrupted and show your IP address and browsing activities.

A kill switch is a handy feature built in the VPN client software that ends the Internet connection in such a scenario to secure your privacy.

Thunder VPN did not have a kill switch attribute for years until it was recently released in its software. It’s a missing piece of the puzzle that makes Thunder VPN a foolproof VPN concerning privacy.

5. P2P torrent service

Torrent users know the inconvenience of ISPs limiting connection speeds when sharing files throughout the community.

With Thunder VPN, you’ll not have any issues as it provides complete support for P2P software. It gets to the point of highlighting servers which encourage P2P in its VPN software.

The same technology that guarantees torrenting without barriers also permits you to steer clear of geographical restriction. This means that you will have access to content in almost any country when connected with Thunder VPN.

6. Simple to use VPN application

VPN technology aims to achieve a simple goal, which is to provide complete protection when you are connected to the web. While the underlying technology is complicated, the VPN client program shouldn’t be.

Again, Thunder VPN has leveraged its expertise of producing user-friendly software with Secureline VPN. Installation is a smooth process which usually finishes in a few minutes.

The Thunder VPN app is designed to allow non-technical folks to connect to the VPN. The interface comprises intuitively organized navigation tabs. In other words, you don’t need a lengthy manual to get started with Thunder VPN.

7. Smart TV service

Is there a chance that hackers get your smart TV? The short answer is yes. While you haven’t anything to lose with a hacked TV, the experience of having a wise TV commanded by an unidentified party is unsettling.

With such concerns in mind, Thunder VPN has introduced protection for smart TVs when you install Secureline VPN on Android Smart TV, Nvidia Shield TV, or Mi Box. Thunder VPN mostly ends blocking in your smart TV.

Thunder VPN VPN doesn’t impose any bandwidth limitations on smart TVs, which means a pleasant streaming experience on the big screen.

8. No registration policy

When you sign up for a VPN, you expect your privacy to be protected during and following an active session. While technology cares for your privacy while online, you are going to have to rely on the VPN supplier’s registration coverage when you’re offline.

According to Thunder VPN, it is possible to expect that not one of your surfing behaviours will be monitored or collected if you use the VPN. Thunder VPN VPN can save logs in the background, such as session duration, connection time, and bandwidth usage, which does not reveal your identity or Internet activities.

9. Telephone call Customer service

While the programmers have done a great job with all the Thunder VPN program, there are occasions when you require help with billing or technical issues. A VPN is as good as the customer service you get when you need it.

Rather than offering live chat, you’ll have the choice to send support tickets or surf the product’s extensive knowledge base.

As an alternative, you can call the Thunder VPN customer service team directly. From the VPN industry, phone call support is entirely unknown.

If you’ve got a problem using Thunder VPN, this is the number to a phone. You will be greeted by an automated message which will eventually guide you to the friendly staff. The support line is available 24/7.

10. Price of Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is completely gree, you can downlod APK using Android store and Apple store.

For risk-free testing, you can download the trial edition of Thunder VPN, which allows you unlimited use of the support for seven days.

11. Compatible with multiple devices using.

With a full-year license, you can enjoy multi-device support from Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN Cons

Just as we are impressed by Thunder VPN, it isn’t an utterly optimistic picture. There are several areas of concern which you should be aware of.

1. Lousy jurisdiction

The simple fact that Thunder VPN is based in the Czech Republic may cause users that fear at the merest threat of a privacy breach to be concerned.

Although the Czech Republic does not belong to the Five Eyes, a bunch of countries allied in the intelligence exchange, it’s deemed friendly to this group. This means that the Czech Republic has been motivated to share intelligence if necessary.

As for Thunder VPN, we bet that it stays true to the no-registration policy. Without incriminating data gathered, your privacy would not be in danger.

Ideally, we’d like a VPN to be hosted in a neutral state in regards to intelligence sharing.

2. Thunder VPN Seculine VPN is not compatible with Netflix

If you’re hoping to get a VPN to get Netflix, Thunder VPN Secureline may not be the right selection for you. Technically hide your device’s IP address will make it possible for you to link to Netflix, but the streaming giant has booted.

Recently, Netflix continues to be blocking numerous VPN suppliers, including Thunder VPN. Even when you’re connected to this Thunder VPN US server, then you may receive an entry restriction screen. Regrettably, there’s no workaround at the time of writing.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and hope to catch up in your favourite TV shows when you travel abroad, have a look at these VPNs that work for Netflix instead.

3. Restricted server locations

Thunder VPN doesn’t possess the maximum number of servers compared to other top VPN providers. While there are no immediate issues for this, increasing numbers of users can increase traffic on these servers.

We hope Thunder VPN has plans to increase the server count to mitigate any congestion issues in the future.

4. Not compatible with routers

Installing a VPN on a router ensures that any device attached to it is automatically protected against hackers and cyber-attacks. It is a convenient feature where you can connect game consoles, digital devices, smart TVs, and other devices without needing to log in manually.

Unfortunately, Thunder VPN does not support installation on routers. You’ll need to link to VPN on compatible devices manually.

How Thunder VPN appears on different platforms

As previously mentioned, Thunder VPN is intuitively designed with an easy to use interface on various devices. This is what the Thunder VPN resembles on popular platforms.

Thunder VPN on macOS:

Thunder VPN look about the Mac App Store.
How to use Thunder VPN Secureline VPN on iOS:

Is Your Thunder VPN great?

There are a lot of VPNs vying for your attention. Is Thunder VPN a Fantastic option? We feel that the fundamental need of a VPN is to provide security and anonymity to Internet users.

Thunder VPN presents bank-grade safety without compromising on speed. Instead, Thunder VPN is one of the very best VPNs concerning connection speed. You’ll have an excellent experience when browsing or streaming films for this VPN.

In an electronic era where privacy is an issue, Thunder VPN Secureline VPN demonstrates that it is more than capable of protecting the interest of its users. In addition to having a rigorous no-log coverage, Thunder VPN is watertight at which DNS or IP leaks have never been detected.

While Thunder VPN VPN has a few downsides, its P2P-friendly attributes and telephone call customer support do us a favour. We couldn’t recall any other VPNs at which you could have 24/7 telephone access to customer services.

With a 7-day trial alternative as well as the 30-day money-back guarantee coverage, we discovered no reason not to recommend Thunder VPN. Thunder VPN Secureline VPN is as good as it states, or more.