The PoopSTICK- Designed to make pooping easier and improve your gut health

Bathroom trips can be a nightmare if you have hemorrhoids, constipation issues, or limited mobility. The pain that comes with pushing when you experience any of these issues or other medical issues associated with the colon can be unbearable. The good news is that there’s a new and advanced device that can make your bathroom trips easy and pain-free. I’m talking about the PoopSTICK designed by James Boyd. This device works in a simple way—it raises your knees above the hips to put your body in a natural and comfortable squatting position making it easy to poop. It Adjustable device that will ease your poop and also utilizes an adjustable footrest that your bathroom position, which in turn straightens your gastrointestinal tract for better elimination. If you experience any medical problems that limit your mobility or affect your colon or bowels in any manner, you don’t have to dread the bathroom trips every time nature calls. Simply get yourself the PoopSTICK and enhance your bathroom experience.

What makes the PoopSTICK outstanding?

A Compact device to competitor products such as Squatty Potty, Squat n Go, and Turbo Fusion by NadiaLabs in many ways. Unlike the competitor devices, the PoopSTICK gives users ample knee left that is needed to optimize the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the competitor products make it difficult for users to use the device with different types of footwear. With the PoopSTICK, you can use the device comfortably with all types of footwear from boots to heels to sandals, etc.

Its minimalist and compact design not only makes it easy to use but also ensures the device neatly stores at the side of the toilet when you’re not using it. The minimally-inspired design looks great in any bathroom. Also, the PoopSTICK eliminates bending when you need to pull the device away after using it. With its tall handle, you can move the device away without having to bend. This makes it an ideal device for persons with mobility problems. Another aspect that differentiates the PoopSTICK from other stool type devices is its adjustability. This feature makes the PoopSTICK a versatile device that can be used by anyone regardless of their height or age.

Why Choose the PoopSTICK?

  • It is designed to be used by everyone who wants to achieve maximum waste elimination.
  • Delivers better results than other stool type devices.
  • It can be used by children, adults, and even the elderly.
  • It’s a universal fit for al standard toilets.
  • It’s a hygienic device as it comes with a tall handle that allows users to tuck it away hygienically.
  • Its lightweight and compact making it easy to use.
  • It’s built to last—can serve you for many years.
  • No wiping urine off the device
  • Eliminates toe stubbing

Benefits of the PoopSTICK

  • It helps users to achieve an optimal and comfortable squatting position for easier elimination.
  • Improves elimination and gut health.
  • Alleviates constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable for just about anyone.

If you are experiencing mobility issues or medical issues that make your bathroom trips a nightmare, just get the PoopSTICK and the problem will be sorted.