SurveySparrow Review 2022: How does SurveySparrow Refine Experiences?

SurveySparrow Review

SurveySparrow Review

Businesses across the world work towards a set of goals and aspirations each day and every day. While some struggle to make their employees happy, others work hard to level up to their customers’ expectations. Ultimately, the only aim is to provide a better product or service experience and soar to greater heights. And how do organizations achieve this? By listening.

Listening carefully and gathering feedback from your customer and employees alike can go a long way in helping you better your product or service. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the physical distance between businesses and their customers and employees, the focus on experiences continues to stay.

Taking experience management to greater heights is SurveySparrow, which combines the power of surveys, automations, business intelligence, response management, integrations, and omnichannel ability to refine experiences.

Take a thorough look at the platform, shall we?

SurveySparrow Features – Built to scale

The omnichannel experience management platform has several features which help businesses of all types identify crucial touchpoints and refine experiences at each stage in the journey of customers, employees, and products as a whole.

Online Surveys

If you’re a business looking to create conversational forms to collect feedback from your customers or employees and close the loop, then SurveySparrow’s online surveys are your best bet. With 25+ question types, 60+ survey languages, 540+ survey templates, multichannel sharing abilities, and white-labeled solutions, SurveySparrow helps you cover and refine significant touchpoints.

The questions are accompanied by skip and display logic, and you are free to use expressions and variables in your survey as well. You get to create personalized surveys by either starting from scratch or using an existing template.

Chat Surveys

Chat surveys or mobile-first surveys are highly engaging and give you a truly ‘chat’ feeling. No-code chatbots can be created using these types of surveys and are used by businesses to drive engagement.

NPS Platform

SurveySparrow’s inbuilt NPS platform helps you measure customer loyalty on a scale of 1 to 10 and accompanies a follow-up feedback question which is different for promoters, passives, and detractors. In addition, the platform comes with advanced reporting tools like Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud, TV dashboard, and more.

360-degree Assessments

Ensuring and working towards employee productivity is easier with SurveySparrow’s powerful 360-degree feedback surveys. Questions can be split into sections, and employers can analyze and assess various skills of employees, giving them a detailed report at the end of the process.

These reports come with employee strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, hidden strengths, and a personalized development plan. SurveySparrow’s 360 employee review also comes with a manager dashboard and an admin dashboard to help organizations facilitate employee growth.

Offline Kiosks

SurveySparrow offers an Offline Survey App which helps businesses set up even their smartphones as kiosks to collect feedback. The highlight? You get to enjoy an internet-free experience, and the data is synced once you go online. The platform assures zero loss of data.

Custom Reports

The reports sections of SurveySparrow is bliss to look at, for it makes the work of any analyst smooth and easy. You can create and design multiple reports with the required filter groups, colors, fonts, and other customization options.

Native integrations

With SurveySparrow, you get to avoid using several tools for different purposes and combine actions with their 1500+ integrations. SurveySparrow integrates easily with applications like Zendesk, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Excel Online, Intercom, Mailchimp, Power BI, Pipedrive, and many more.


SurveySparrow offers a quota management feature that helps you freeze responses based on certain criteria. You can restrict responses by using the following filter options: survey questions, contact properties, variables, and expressions.

One another way SurveySparrow helps control the survey share is through throttling, which helps control how frequently a respondent will receive a survey. Survey throttling is currently available at both a survey level as well as an account level.

Case Management

If an efficient support ticketing system is what your organization needs, then SurveySparrow is your right choice. SurveySparrow’s in-built Case Management feature seamlessly helps teams create, assign, track, and solve customer queries. Closing the loop is done finely with the help of this feature. It supports email notifications as well as the ability to share private notes within your team.

Executive dashboard

If you want to visualize your survey data easily, then SurveySparrow’s Executive Dashboard is the right way to go. You can create multiple dashboards to compare, correlate and analyze data efficiently, thereby helping in making better, informed decisions.

Ease of use

SurveySparrow as a no-code platform is built to function as a DIY platform. It is fairly easy to create surveys and easier to share them. Their landing page has all features and requirements placed visibly. The survey builder is neatly arranged and very easy to use and understand. Highlight: It comes with a preview screen.

They have a help center with articles about almost every feature and query. They have a community in place which assists anyone in case of concerns related to the platform. If you still don’t find answers to your questions, you can always reach out to their proactive customer support team, which works round the clock.

Legal compliances

We live in times where data privacy has gained utmost importance. SurveySparrow abides by data-protection laws like the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. In addition, information security is adhered to by way of their ISO/IEC 27001 certification.


One highlight in SurveySparrow’s pricing policy is that there are no hidden charges whatsoever, and you have the option to sign-up for a free trial without sharing your credit card details. The team is more than willing to sign you up for a free, personalized demo.

The free trial lasts for 14 days. While on the free trial, you get to explore all premium features offered by the platform, even the enterprise-grade ones.

The basic plan starts at $19, and you get all the integral features to get started with data collection. The enterprise plan stands at $499 per month, billed annually. You can get in touch with the team to avail of custom pricing to accommodate all your needs.

One Platform, Many Solutions

With several fine features at hand, SurveySparrow very well qualifies as a superior all-in-one experience management solution. Their latest voice transcription feature is the first of its kind on any survey platform and has several use cases. SurveySparrow does combine thoughtful features and enhancements to refine the experiences of your customers, employees, and product alike. They seem to have fancy additions on the roadmap, such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys, and Online Reputation Management on the way. The platform, young and mature, is a must-try for any business looking to fine-tune their experience program.