Is AOEAH a legal FIFA?

In-game money or virtual currencies are non-physical goods or objects that gamers buy for videogames. Players, who play MapleStory, Warframe, and the most famous of all FIFA, need this virtual money to progress further in the game.

What is FIFA currency?

FIFA currency is the coins used by gamers to update the players of their team, purchase a variety of items in the game, and other beneficial things. To make FIFA Ultimate Team coins in FIFA 20, the direct way is playing matches. It is almost not possible for most of the gamers to play all the Squad Battles every week or 40 games over three days in FUT Champions Weekend League.

Why is FIFA currency buying illegal?

To get new players in FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA coins are the primary source. So due to a variety of reasons people prefer to buy these coins. Whether it is buying a player right from the transfer market or opening the packs and joining in different tournaments and challenges, the need for coins never ends.

Earning FIFA coins is not illegal, and EA Sports suggest different ways to make these coins. Some of the best ideas are:

  • Use of the transfer market to sell different items
  • Playing and winning FUT matches.
  • Use the “Quick sell” option to trade items
  • Collect gifts and rewards of coins
  • Squad building challenges also reward you with coins.

But buying or selling this virtual currency from a third party site is against the rules of EA. Here are different measures are taken by EA if someone breaks the rules:

  • A player may lose all rewards.
  • The account may get banned from leaderboards.
  • A player may face difficulty in access.
  • FUT coins may also get removed
  • FUT club of the player may get deleted
  • A player may face a temporary or permanent ban on their account.

Many websites are offering FIFA coins available there. Still, the rise in digitization across the globe has also surged in so many online frauds and scams. With some reputable websites, there are several malicious websites too that can steal user information. There is also a hacking possibility for some genuine sites, and essential data of a user lost to the hackers.

AOEAH is a Chinese operated website that offers virtual currency such as coins, gold, Mesos, points, and platinum for more than 18 games. In addition to virtual currency, AOEAH also sells items and power-leveling services for more than 10 games in its catalog. AOEAH has a track record of twelve years in digital goods and in-game items. They offer Power Leveling, Items, and Gold in their menu options. AOEAH are the professional coin suppliers and always provide fast and cheapest legit coins to all gamers. They have a large stock of coins, and AOEAH also offers 24/7 online customer services.

Is AOEAH a legal FIFA?

The one-word answer is “NO.”

EA Sports cannot accept any third party site as its coin sellers. They have established the rules to avoid any illegal transactions of coins from any unofficial site. But AOEAH,, and a few other online websites or online shops are the reliable sellers of FIFA coins for years. These platforms deliver the best quality services to their customers and provide affordable FIFA coins with a money-back guarantee.

These sites usually use the “COMFORT TRANSFER (CT)” method to transfer coins to the buyer’s FIFA account that is the safest method to perform this task. Chances of account ban or any penalty are near to zero while dealing with one of these reliable and trustworthy sites. Buying FIFA coins from Origin Stores is quite expensive as EA Sports charges 5% on each coin transaction. AOEAH always has the availability of FIFA 20 coins, and everyone can choose from the predefined coin packages of this site. Their 90% of purchases culminate within 30 minutes, and AOEAH assures you fast and secure instant delivery. is a super fantastic site that provides coins transfer services with 100% security, and their order completion rate is 93%. Thousands if FIFA users use their services to buy coins and praise them for their reliability and secured coin transfer system. Even FIFA Youtuber MOMO FIFAHD has shown in one of his VLOGS about the best and highly trusted services of He got FIFA 20 coins for momo and shared his experience with


Buying FIFA 20 coins from a third party site is not allowed by EA. Still, it is also not something illegal, or you may get worried about the moral stance of your buying act. It is a need for players to perform well and get a strong team to fight against their competitors. Whether it is or AOEAH, maybe both the sites are not considered officially legal. Still, they are serving FIFA lovers for years and delivering quality services of coins transfer with a safe and secure procedure.