Groove funnels review

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Regardless of whether you are a startup or have substantial exposure in online marketing, you would prefer using simple tools to operate your business. Preferably, if you can control the proceedings from one account, it naturally becomes super-convenient to manage things. In trying to boost your business online, you realize the significance of various aspects like funnel builder, email marketing, landing page builder, and a host of other things.

Ideally, your desire of getting more bang for your bucks doesn’t get fulfilled, as all the aforesaid items will gradually lead you to break the bank. Here lies the significance of GrooveFunnels. It offers all these indispensable online marketing tools at a budget-friendly price. This review will introduce you to GrooveFunnels and give the right impetus to your online business.

A brief overview

Online marketing experts are optimistic, GrooveFunnels promises to be a game-changer and it is in the limelight for all the right reasons. Initially, it was known as GrooveApps., later the founder changed the name to GrooveFunnels. As already mentioned, GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool. The best part, you can avail of a free account for a lifetime. Now, you can build sales funnels and landing pages for your websites and facilitate selling your products and services online.

The noteworthy marketing tools of GrooveFunnles include GroovePages that build the landing pages, GrooveSell, the shopping cart, and GrooveMail, the email service provider.  It includes many other marketing tools as well. Among them, you get the chance of availing the services of GroovePages and GrooveSell for free. Everyone from small businesses to content marketers who intends to sell their products and services stand to benefit from GrooveFunnels. You can know more by visiting the site


Creating professional and killer landing pages, websites, and funnels were never so easier. Now, you have the power of creating high-converting funnels for reaching out to your potential customers.  Additionally, you get a host of other services with GroovePages to sell potentially unlimited products, participate in affiliate programs, and much more.




The name says it all, GrooveSell lets you create a power-packed sales and affiliate marketing tool. The shopping cart platform functionality is similar to that of Shopify, or many others that you might know. As already mentioned earlier, GrooveFunnels is presently offering this tool free of cost. Setting up your online store, selling products, or even services are some of the things it will help you to do efficiently.

The convenient shopping cart that comes with this tool is a big bonus for online stores. The robust affiliate marketing program lets you recruit affiliates and manage the affiliate program. The tool will simultaneously provide you with detailed reporting and analytics, 1-Click upsells, and all the necessary tools for boosting your business online.


Email marketing remains one of the undisputed methods for online marketing. Moreover, an email adds the much-needed personal touch for wooing the customers. Thus, the chances of boosting your sales and services via email marketing increase manifolds. With GrooveMail you get the privilege of performing both sequence automation and broadcasting. What more, it also deals with text and voice SMS broadcasting with élan.

Let Groovemail act as the mast for cruising your business along with the online platform. It ensures bringing quick leads, creates eye-catching emails, and giving you robust analytics. The founder of GrooveFunnels confirms, GrooveMail will give you the efficiency of ClickFunnels another popular online marketing suite for better results.




Presently, every online marketer realizes the significance of videos for reaching out to potential customers. With GrooveVideo at your repertoire, you can now automate the whole process, optimize your business-related videos for generating leads, and also sharing them on various social media platforms. GrooveVideo lets you design various player skins, player controls, add an autoplay feature, and let you embed videos to your website.  It goes without saying with the above tools give you an edge over your competitors.


GrooveBlog is no less than a boon for content marketers. You can mark our words, GrooveBlog promises to change the way you have been publishing content thus far. You need not require going anywhere; publish your content pages from the GroovePages, which guarantees to rank them in Google. But, WordPress is doing great and is the pioneer in this arena, you may say. For that reason, Groove funnel builders can also integrate with WordPress efficiently. In a nutshell, now you have the convenience of publishing content directly to WordPress without having to leave the GrooveBlog editor.

By now, you must have got the hang of things, how GrooveFunnel can aid your online business. Having said that, we have only covered a handful of the services that it offers, it has many more tools in its kitty. Let us quickly analyze the Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels.

Pros of GrooveFunnels

Using GrooveFunnles is a breeze, and you get lifetime access.

You no longer need to depend on WordPress, and yet it is very SEO friendly.

You can make mesmerizing videos and eye-catching pages.

In the upcoming days, it will keep adding new features.

You can also build websites with the help of GroovePages, something that other page builders cannot do.

Cons of GrooveFunnels

Currently, GrooveFunnles cannot process payments, but it will soon come up with this feature.

It does have any agency license, you can use GroovePages on the sites that you presently own.