FEX.NET – the new word in online storage



Review and advantages of using it

Each of us faces a lot of information every day. Photos with friends, work documents, personal notes and more. All of this requires daily storage on hosting or PCs. We used to store documents and files on portable media: floppy disks, disks or flash drives. But each of us understands that this is a rather unreliable type of saving. After all, a flash drive can get lost, a disk can get scratched or broken. Computer also does not give 100% security, because it can ” fail ” any day, and the dearest photos or important files will be irretrievably lost.

A great alternative to standard storage media is the cloud. One of such file sharing services is Fex.Net. This unique service was developed in 2017. It allows both to store materials and share them with other users. The service contains photos, audio, video and various applications. For convenience, everyone can create folders within the storage and divide files into categories.

How to use FEX.NET

Many people deliberately refuse to use cloud storage because they do not quite understand how to work with it. With FEX.NET it’s completely different. Nice design and accessible, intuitive interface will help everyone to understand and quickly learn how to work with hosting. In order to use the file sharing service, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • download the application in Play Market or AppStore;
  • register;
  • choose a tariff.

With the last point, there may be questions – which one to choose? It all depends on the time during which the user intends to work with the application. A free 7-day trial is available to a new participant. This time is given to anyone who wants to understand whether the service will suit him or not. Next, the plan depends on the consumer’s intentions – it can be monthly or yearly. The cost of the plan also depends on its duration.

Advantages of FEX.NET

There is a huge number of file sharing services for all tastes and wallets, so everyone can pick up something for himself. Recently, more and more users choose FEX.NET. New users note a number of advantages over other cloud storages, among which we can mention:

  • convenient and pleasant functionality (everything is available on an intuitive level; management is done in a few clicks);
  • prompt transfer of files (sending a photo or a video to another user takes only a few seconds);
  • reliable storage (in case of hosting failures there is a backup that will keep your data from being lost or irretrievably deleted);
  • affordable cost (the service is available at monthly and annual tariffs, and everyone can choose a plan based on his own needs).

One of the important advantages of FEX.NET storage service is its universal accessibility. When you need some file, you don’t have to search for it on your computer in order to download it.

Mobile application FEX.NET

Mobile application, which is available in Play Market and AppStore, is installed on any smartphone, which makes photo, video, audio and other documents available at any time. There is no need to download files to a PC to send them to the storage, just drag and drop them from the internal memory of the phone. The user doesn’t need access to the Internet to manage the files, as the application works successfully in offline mode.

You can work with the storage not only on your smartphone or PC. You can also download the app for Smart-TV. After pairing and authorization, the user will be able to enter his personal account and display the necessary files. It’s important to remember that this application is mainly designed to show photos and videos, as well as listen to music. You can’t open a text document, a table or a database with it.