Before getting into Epson L120 ink tank printer review, let us see the spec sheet of this printer:

Printer Epson L120
 Type Ink Tank
 Functions Print Only
 Print Speed (Black/Colour) 8.5 ipm / 4.5 ipm
 Page Yield (Black/Colour) 4,500 Pages / 7,500 Pages
 Duplex Printing Manual
 Duty Cycle 300 Prints/mo
 Connectivity Options USB 2.0
 Paper Tray Capacity 50 sheets
 Supported OSs Mac OS and Windows OS
 Warranty 1 Years or 15,000 Prints


The need for a printer is at an ever high, especially ink tank printers. Sales of ink tank printers are booming, and Epson is one of the leading manufacturers of ink tank printers. Today we are going to review one of their popular printers: Epson L120 ink tank printer.

Epson L120 Ink Tank Printer Review

The Epson L120 printer is a single function low-use starter printer, which is specifically made for households and small businesses. Let us discuss various features and properties of the Epson L120 ink tank printer.

Print Properties

This is one of the crucial features of a printer; heck this is the main reason we buy a printer! For the Epson L120 printer, this is one of its strengths. This printer is a beast in terms of printing, and it has an excellent print performance when it is compared with other printers in this price range.

  • The Epson L120 has a print speed of 8.5 impressions per minute for black & white printing and 4.5 impressions per minute for colour printing. Note: Impressions per minute is calculated using ISO standards to avoid printer manufacturers manipulating the print speed.
  • This printer can print upto 4,500 black & white sheets and 7,500 colour sheets in one full refill. This is very high when compared with conventional inkjet printers.
  • Printing cost is 1/5th compared to inkjet printers, which allows us to

    print a lot more for a single refill.

  • This printer supports manual duplex printing, which means the Epson software will assist you in two-sided printing. The only problem is that you need to turn over the pages once you finish printing one side.
  • The Epson L120 does not have an automatic document feeder (ADF) function.
  • The recommended duty cycle for this printer is 300 prints per month.

Ink Properties

The Epson L120 printer has ink tanks for four colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. All of these ink tanks are transparent, so we can quickly identify if the ink levels are low. Unlike conventional inkjet printers, we don’t need to change ink cartridges every time the ink runs out. Instead, we can refill the ink through ink reservoirs. This will increase the cartridge life expectancy upto 3 years. The ink refilling mechanism of this printer is spill-proof, and we can do the ink refilling by ourselves. The original Epson inks are readily available through the Epson Service centres in your town.


UI is one of the important aspects of any electronic gadget available these days. The Epson L120 printer has a minimalistic user interface design which avoids any complexities for the user. To identify internal errors, Epson has provided LED signals. If the printer ever starts to malfunction, we can identify the problem through the LED indication.


The Epson L120 printer has only one mode connectivity available: USB 2.0 connectivity. For homes and small offices, USB connectivity is enough. Moreover, USB connectivity is one of the flawless connectivity options in the 21st century.


The Epson L120 printer has a warranty period of one year. In this warranty, Epson covers any internal malfunctions and manufacturing complaints. Sometimes Epson offers an extended warranty of upto 2 years, to get that you must watch their sales page.

EPSON L120 INK TANK PRINTER pros and cons

EPSON L120 INK TANK PRINTER pros and cons


To conclude, this is a budget-friendly, highly efficient ink tank printer which suits households, students and small businesses. If you fit these categories, you should definitely consider buying this printer. I hope you liked the Epson L120 printer review and helped you make an informed purchase decision.


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