AceMovi Video Editor Software Review

The video editing field has been growing immensely over the few years. Everyone wants to work in the production field. But to work in the high-level production field, you need to acquire tremendous skills.

In addition, video editing skills are also paramount when it comes to creating content for your audience. Despite the desire, many people wouldn’t be able to learn video editing due to limited resources. And they couldn’t afford expensive premium versions of software to get used to them.

But due to massive upgrades in the content creating field, many companies have launching video editing software that offers unbelievable services to their users.

The majority of them are free and don’t charge a penny. This step, of course, has helped the person who doesn’t possess enough resources to acquire paid tools.

When we talk about free versatile video editing tools, AceMovi Video Editor also makes a list. Considering its massive popularity, we’ve decided to explore it.

Introducing AceMovi Video Editor

If you want to edit your videos professionally, AceMovi can be an ideal for you. This tool is a fascinating combination of a screen recorder and an editing program.

It offers unbelievable features for its users with a great variety of effects to add. Above all aspects, it lets you allow apply some advanced features without minimal effort.

Moreover, the presence of audio mixing features makes it even more lethal. You’d not get the professional features in any other video editor that AceMovi Video Editor is providing for its. Although its most features are free, you can acquire its premium version to make your content out of the ordinary.


Let’s talk about the remarkable features of AceMovi Video Editor.

  1. In-built Resources

Finding appropriate elements for adding to your content can take a few of your doings. But you’d not get this fuss with AceMovi Video Editor as it possesses in-built resources for you. You can effortlessly find animated stickers and other significant tools from this editor’s stock.

AceMovi Video Editor

AceMovi Video Editor

  1. Brilliant Transitions

If you want to make your video successful and impressive, you’d have to apply engaging transitions to your content.

When footage disappears, and another one comes in a video, transitions come in the mid of two footage to make the process beautiful.

It provides great transitions, including merge, split, fade, slide, zoom, and whisk. You can easily change every transition according to your requirements.

Brilliant Transitions

Brilliant Transitions

  1. Key Framing

Key Framing is one the most creative thing happened to AceMovi editor. Using this fantastic feature, you can customize the features you add to your content.

You only need to set a key-frame on your timeline, and after, you may change the orientation, opacity, position, and scale of a video. This process will give your content a much-needed boost.

  1. Text Editor

Text Editor is the most important feature if you want to tell your audience what’s happening in your video.

Especially when you want to capture an audience’s attention worldwide, you need to add subtitles to your video. Its text editor lets you add any text into your video, making it worth taking.

  1. Fast Video and Slow Motion Mode

To make your content out of the ordinary, you may need to fasten the video or slow it down. Sometimes, you need to fast-track your video to convey a larger message in a short period.

It’s why fast video mode comes in handy in this situation, as you can increase the pace of your video to serve your purpose.

Similarly, when you create a video about some technical aspects, you might need to slow down your video’s speed to help the audience understand it appropriately.


  • You’ll find its user interface pretty smooth.
  • You can edit and record videos in any format you want.
  • It offers a pre-built library for a better experience.
  • Both Windows and Mac users can use this editor.


  • No Linux Version
  • Its monthly premium is a bit expensive.

Pricing for the Premium version

1 Month Plan: 19.95$

1 Year Plan: 39.95$

Life Time Plan: 59.95$

Step by Step Guide of using AceMovi Video Editor

Step 1: Download AceMovi

Download and install AceMovi on your Mac or Windows. If you’re a Windows user, you can download it from AceMovi.exe. And for Mac users, you can find an editor from AceMovi.dmg.

AceMovi Video Editor

Download AceMovi Video Editor

Step 2: Import a file

You can see two options on the tips of the menu bar: ” Record and Import”. If you’ve already created some videos and want to edit them, you’ll need to hit the Import button to upload them.

And if you want to record a video using Ace Movi Video Editor, you can click on the ‘Record button” to serve your purpose.

AceMovi Video Editor

Import a file – AceMovi Video Editor

Step 3: Drag to Timeline

After importing a file, you need to drag your preferred video file to Ace Movi Editor’s timeline. After putting it in the timeline, you can add any effect, filter, transition, stickers, text, and everything you want from there.

You can also crop, split, or trim your file. If you want to add brightness or reduce it from your video clip, this tool also provides this facility.

Step 4: Export the file

After you’re done with the editing, you can now download the file from Ace Movi Video Editor. You only need to click on the Export button option to serve your purpose.

AceMovi Video Editor

Export the file – AceMovi Video Editor

Final Words

Finding appropriate editing software is not a walk in the park. You’d face many difficulties finding a reliable option for you. After using AceMovi Video Editor, we decided to introduce it to the audience.

It’s a perfect video editor for content creators and users who want to make their content catchy. You’ll find its all features flaws and impressive. The thing we liked the most was its ability to split the screen. You can show more than eight screens simultaneously without quality loss.

Moreover, its user interface also doesn’t contain any trouble for its users. Although it doesn’t support Linux, still it’s a valuable addition to the video editing world. Its free version is enough for you if you want to do basic editing.

But if you want to edit a video in a professional, you’ll need to acquire its premium version. It doesn’t charge too much money, but still, its monthly plan is a bit expensive.