Reddit: Link doesn’t look right issue Solved 100%

Link doesnt look right issue

Link doesnt look right issue solved 100%

Many peoples are facing this issue that link doesn’t look right during publishing link on the reddit.

There are two reasons for this and you can easily solve this issue after follow these steps and avoid the mistakes.

First Reason

First reason is because you are using punctuations on the end of the link like!, in this url you need to avoid (!) this type of symbols or other different symbols.

Second Reason

If you are still facing issue in publishing link after follow above step, you just need to “change the ‘title’ not url” after change the title your url will be publish instant.

Note: Publish again and again same url on the reddit will mark your profile as spam, that’s why you can’t publish the url on the subreddit.

If you are the owner of the subreddit so you can publsih the same url at a time.


What is punctuations?

There are many types of punctuation include [(, ),  :, *, _, ~, ?, !, .].

You need to avoid these punctuation in url in order to publish URL on reddit or subreddit.

Why link doesn’t look right?

Its because of punctuations on the URL i discussed above and you need to change the title like add additional words on the title etc in order to avoid this issue.