How To Transfer Data Between RDP And Local PC

Today, I will teach you How to copy or transfer data from RDP to a local PC and from PC to RDP. I’m doing this RDP file transfer tutorial on a Microsoft Windows PC, however. You can still transfer data between the local computer and RDP on Mac OS and Linux operating systems by following today’s tutorial.

I’m not going into aspects on what is RDP? You are well aware of the RDP that you are here. If you want to transfer files of small size in RDP and the local computer by drag and drop, there should not be any problem.

Copying or transferring data between 1 to 100 Mb is no big deal. The problem occurs when you want to transfer data varying from 100MB to 100GB, and on top of that, This becomes impossible If you are using a poor internet connection. I was going through the same situation while copying some important data with a 3GB size from TryRDP.

My internet connection was not letting me copy data from TryRDP. After several failed attempts, I thought of file sharing websites that first upload to a file-sharing website and then use a given download link to download my data from the file-sharing website.

But gave up on this idea. There are two problems with file-sharing websites. People behind file sharing websites don’t allow uploading large files and impose a specific download data limit on you to stop you from downloading with maximum download speed.

For example, Your internet’s download speed is 1MB per second, but they give you a mere 200KB per second. The most disturbing thing is that most of the file-sharing sites don’t provide resume ability.

In simple words, If the internet gets disconnected, then You will have to start your download from zero KB no matter if you were at 50 or 90%. As well as file sharing websites are not a secure way.

Eventually, I decided to give a shot to the peer file sharing method, and fortunately, this method worked like a charm, and I managed to transfer data to my local machine. Suppose you don’t know how to use it. To transfer data between RDP and local PC, both your local computer and remote desktop.

After the installation process, We need to create a new file to transfer data between RDP and your local PC. I want to transfer this file from TryRDP to my local machine. You have two options here. If you’re going to transfer a single file, then click add file while add directory option allows you to choose an entire folder to be transferred.

Leave other settings as default. After selecting your data, Click the create button to save the file. You may give it a name—close dialogue box.

Now copy the file and paste it into the local PC. After copying, open this—file to download or transfer data from your RDP. Keep in mind. Please keep RDP on through all the processes.

You may shut down your local PC and resume the download whenever you want with maximum download speed. Feel free to ask any questions If you run into any problem. You can use the comment section. I’ll try my best to solve your problem as soon as I can.