5 Extras Data-Driven CLM Can Give You

Data-Driven CLM

Data-Driven CLM

Every successful business knows the importance of customer lifecycle management. However, it tends to be a tedious, time-consuming, and crucial task that is prone to human error. Just about everyone has suffered from the customer side of things at least once. It can be frustrating having to bounce around from one sales representative to the next trying to gather information. If the sales representative is not attentive to the needs of a prospect, it creates a very bad impression which no business can afford in the competitive world of today. This is where CLM Software comes into place?

What Is CLM Software?

Customer lifecycle management (CLM) software automates and manages the lifecycle of the marketing and sales departments. The software consolidates all the information about your customers into a single repository. This allows you to better organize relationships and manage them.

Advantages of Contract Management Software

When you use contract management tools, you get to take advantage of the following.

  • Easy Access to Data: A contract tracking tool provides you with searchable databases. This means that you can access prospect and client information whenever you want. Some of the solutions even let you sync information to multiple devices. Thus, you get to benefit from updated customer information at all times.
  • Automation: When you use the solution, the processes become streamlined. Automation allows you to standardize processes and workflows to improve coordination between different teams.
  • Provide Actionable Insights: Most CLM software vendors today provide analytics functionality. You can customize the reports and dashboards depending on what information you want. The reports help with managing campaigns, tracking revenue, and segmenting customers.

Extras Offered By The Software

There are certain extras that are offered by the solution You can expect to find the following extras.

  1. Contact Management

One of the best things about the software is that it facilitates contract management. With this tool, you can rest assured that all the contact information including customer address and social media details would be stored. An extra that you should look for is usability and layout.

  1. Interaction Tracking

With the system, you can track interaction history and add notes to document each conversation with contacts. You should consider how many times the prospect would change hands. Choose software that lets you collaborate with all the parties.

  1. Lead Management

Utilize the lead management feature to manage converting prospects. It involves the identification, scoring, and moving of leads through the pipeline. This extra is quite similar to contact management. The feature ensures that the transition process flows and makes sense.

  1. Document Management

The latest CLM tools offer document management features. Thus, you get to gather, upload, and store documents. You can even share them. This makes it extremely easy for everyone to access information. It is definitely a great feature that you cannot overlook.

  1. Workflow Automation

Finally, the tool also allows you to automate repetitive tasks so that the team can focus on core competencies. Tasks such as follow-up reminders and actions can be automated.


Now that you have gone over this post, you will have a better idea of what makes CLM tools the preferred option. If you think it is necessary for you then you can check our free demo.