Why Get a Lawyer to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident, you are in pain and you have bills piling up for medical treatment. You have collected all of the bills related to your accident. You have pictures from the accident as well as the names and numbers of witnesses.

You feel that the accident-related bills are very straightforward, and you know your insurance will help pay those bills. Hence, you do not see the point in paying for an attorney.

According to https://www.personalinjurylawyersbronx.com/es/ there are several ways an attorney can help you in a personal injury case.

A Lawyer Knows Exactly How Much Money You Should Get

You know that personal injury insurance must pay for doctor appointments, surgeries, and physical therapy related to the accident. You may not know that you are also entitled to other monies you have lost due to your accident.

A trained injury attorney can get compensation for the wages lost due to your accident. Multiple doctor’s appointments mean time lost from work. A professional lawyer will pursue reimbursement for ridesharing services you need to get to your appointments and for any maid services you need if you are unable to clean your house due to your accident.

You may still need to finish your medical treatments at the time that you file an insurance claim. An attorney will know the evidence necessary to get compensation for future injuries.

Trained in Negotiation

When you file a claim with an insurance company, it is assigned to an adjuster. The adjuster will investigate and approve or deny your claim. If the adjuster approves your claim, they will offer you a settlement amount that will often be too low.

You may not be aware that it is too low, or you may know it is low but not have the legal savvy to negotiate with the insurance company. Professional attorneys have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. A lawyer is armed with the same level of knowledge as an adjuster.

Case Research

A lawyer will have a staff that is devoted to researching legal cases. They will have access to legal platforms such as Lexis Nexis that can help them research your case. They will call local businesses located in the vicinity of the accident and ask if they have security cameras that might have captured the crash.

They Can Represent You in Court

Personal injury claims rarely go to court. However, if an insurance company denies your claim, or if the damages are excessive, a lawsuit may be necessary. A professional attorney will have years of experience arguing in front of a judge and jury. Lawyers can subpoena records from the defendant that will help you win your case.

What to Look For in an Attorney

The attorney you select should specialize in personal injury law in New York. They should have experience in both litigation and negotiations. Make sure they have a great reputation with the state bar, and ask them for references.